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Our promise

An open letter to providers, written by PatientPop founders and co-CEOs, Luke Kervin and Travis Schneider.

When you're succeeding, we know that we are too

Healthcare providers face new challenges that make it increasingly more complex to build a thriving practice while also delivering the best quality care to patients.

At PatientPop, we believe you should have the freedom to spend more time on patient care, without being tied down by the burdens of growing your practice. That’s why we created the PatientPop platform as a complete practice growth solution, and we’re committed to being a trusted partner to you and a powerful resource for your practice.

Powerful resource for your practice

Our people, process, and technology are at the foundation of everything we do, with a focus on continually driving innovation for our true customer: providers. Your feedback plays a permanent role in our evolution and our approach is designed to keep you thriving in your market, so you can manage your practice your way.

Manage your practice your way

When we help you attract new patients, manage your reputation, modernize the patient experience, automate office tasks, and even integrate with your EMR system, we know that we’re living up to our promise. When you’re succeeding, we know that we are too.

Thank you for trusting PatientPop.

Luke Kervin

Co-founder and Co-CEO

Travis Schneider

Co-founder and Co-CEO

Let's grow your practice.