Our promise

An open letter to providers, from PatientPop founders and co-CEOs, Luke Kervin and Travis Schneider.

As a trusted provider, you’re an expert at patient care. But you may not know what it takes to deliver an exceptional patient experience outside the exam room. To run and grow a successful practice, it’s a requirement.

Today’s patients expect the digital access and convenience they already get in every other aspect of consumer life. That’s what our practice growth platform brings to every touchpoint of the patient experience, from the first time a patient easily finds you online to lasting relationships that foster a lifetime of care.

Our process of continuous innovation and provider feedback yields improvements that keep you connected to patients with far less work for your staff. This is central in our dedication to keep you nimble and ready for change, as we did for practices amid the challenges of 2020.

We’ll stay focused on making it easier for you to run a thriving, rewarding practice. You can keep your focus on exactly what you do best: care for patients.

Thank you for trusting PatientPop.

Luke Kervin

Co-founder and Co-CEO

Travis Schneider

Co-founder and Co-CEO

Let's grow your practice.