Traditional fax machines consume 200 billion pages of paper in the United States alone. Fax machines are wasteful and a thing of the past. Save paper, ink, and time spent on sending physical faxes, and manage all of your faxes directly within your Practice Portal.

Manage all of your faxes digitally

Get digital fax and manage everything within your Practice Portal. To send a new fax, simply enter a fax number, attach a file from your computer, and click send.

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Send, receive, store

You can send and receive a fax from anyone, and your entire history of faxes are safely stored as attachments.

Reduce waste

Stop wasting valuable time and money on paper, ink, and maintenance for your ancient fax machine.

Get notified

Never miss an incoming fax with email alerts to notify you as soon as a fax is received.

Get digital fax for your practice.