Our Commitment

When the basic human rights of our Black colleagues, customers, and community are being violated, we want to be clear where we stand:

firmly against racism and violence of all forms. 
Black doctors matter
Black patients matter
Black lives matter
We are committed to more than standing by and supporting you. We are committed to learning and taking action to help affect change.

Donation of June sales

1% of June sales will be provided to the Diversity & Inclusion group to invest in projects, programs, and charities that address racial injustice and racism.


Company holiday

Observing Juneteenth as a company holiday gives us the opportunity to celebrate this important time in history, and educate ourselves about racial injustice and racism. The holiday also calls us to consider how we can do more to improve the lives of our colleagues and communities, as a company and as individuals.

Diversity & Inclusion

Company Goals

PatientPop strives to create a workplace where every employee is equally valued and can be themselves while contributing to our mission to help healthcare practices thrive. As a result, company objectives and key results (OKRs) related to diversity and inclusion will be a part of our ongoing business goals evaluation, where we regularly report our progress to our employees, board members, and investors.

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Convos at work

"I shouldn't have to dim my light"

PatientPop employees Alexis Simpson, Erin-Kaye Flor, and Fimi discuss the unique challenges for womxn of color at work, Black hairstyles in the workplace, and the idea of “dimming your light.”