Month: June 2016

Why Your Practice Could Get Bumped off Google’s Local Stack

Google announced they'll change their local stack from three businesses to two plus a paid listing. What does this mean for your practice's search results?

/ June 29, 2016

How to Help Google “Forget” Deleted Reviews

Even after negative online reviews are removed or changed, it may take time for Google to reflect any changes. Here are a few things you can do to help if your practice is suffering from outdated reviews.

/ June 28, 2016

How – and Why – to Hire a Nurse

Learn how delegating responsibilities to a nurse can improve office efficiency and contribute to a reliable revenue stream.

/ June 27, 2016

Instagram 101 for Healthcare Practices

Everything healthcare providers should know about setting up an effective Instagram profile to attract and engage patients -- particularly millennials.

/ June 23, 2016
mindfulness, meditation, healthcare, calm, serenity

7 Ways to Sneak Mindfulness Into Your Day

Mindfulness is good for mental well-being... but what healthcare provider has a free moment? We share how to sneak in a little 'you' time during the day.

/ June 20, 2016
Facebook Social Media Healthcare Providers

Facebook 101 for Healthcare Practices

Everything healthcare providers should know about setting up an effective practice Facebook page that will attract and engage patients.

/ June 15, 2016
patient retention, doctor and patient, doctor's office, healthcare office

How to Win Back Lost Patients

Even if a patient seems like they're not returning to your practice, you might just be able to get them back with the right timing and a few small gestures.

/ June 14, 2016
mindfulness, meditation, distractions

Mindfulness: Making You — and Your Practice — Healthier

Mindfulness — it seems like it’s just the latest business buzzword floating around social media, blogs, magazines… even the Harvard Business Review covered it. You may be deep into the practice of mindfulness already, or maybe you dismissed it, assuming...

/ June 13, 2016
Groupon, Living Social, daily deal sites, daily coupon sites

Groupons: Do They Really Attract New Patients?

Healthcare providers offer discounts on Groupon in the hopes that it'll build a new client base. But what's the real ROI of these daily deal sites?

/ June 9, 2016

Your Quick and Easy SEO Glossary

The sheer number of online marketing terms can be overwhelming, so we made this easy-to-understand visual glossary of must-know SEO terms.

/ June 8, 2016