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2018 kickoff meeting

Looking back at 2017

When we started 2017, it felt like we were moving at a million miles an hour. We had grown to 130 employees as the company blossomed to keep up with our growing customer base. Our leaders highlighted our goals for the year and we were hungry to succeed. Over the course of the year, the energy in the office continued to amplify as we added more people, ideas, and goals to our plate. Now, looking back, the beginning of 2017 feels like light years away. We’ve mastered that pace and continue to reach farther and faster than anticipated. PatientPop ended 2017 with 260 employees and huge wins from every department. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished and excited for what’s to come this year.

2018 Team Photo

2018 Kickoff Meeting

To jumpstart our year, we had our 2018 Kickoff and Company All Hands meeting. We do an All Hands every month so that our leaders can share the happenings in each department. These meetings seem to ignite new motivation and it’s a great way to get every department on the same page. With two locations and remote employees, we look forward to the monthly opportunity to rally as an entire company.

This meeting in particular was a chance to look back at 2017 as a whole and set the pace for the new year. Our investors from Toba Capitol came to the kickoff meeting as our guest speakers. We were able to learn more about the beginning of our journey as a company and the vision they have for PatientPop long-term. We are very fortunate to have investors that are passionate about our mission and impact on the healthcare space.

During this meeting, we also recognized quarterly award winners and standout employees of the year. We gave award winners customized trophies and executives spoke about their individual contributions. In addition, we allow every award winner to spin our “winner’s wheel” which has 50+ prizes including cash and other perks (my personal favorite:CEO parking spot for a month).

The meeting was the perfect way to “kick off” the new year and celebrate the last. Take a look at the photos from previous years and how much we’ve grown!

2017 Team Photo

2016 Team Photo

2014 Team Photo


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