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4 ideas to market new aesthetic services to current patients

Patient marketing can help you recoup the costs of new high-end aesthetic equipment at your practice.

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Providers who have recently purchased new aesthetic equipment such as a cosmetic laser or other pieces of high-end medical equipment for their healthcare practice or MedSpa often have just one goal: Get patients to book appointments for new services ASAP. Many healthcare providers will try to attract new patients to recoup their costs. However, promoting new aesthetic services to current patients can prove to be more effective.

In this blog, we share four ways to promote new aesthetic services to current patients at your practice and online.

Old-Fashioned In-Office Advertising

In everyday life, your patients are bombarded with marketing messages. Some marketing executives estimate consumers see as many as 5,000 advertisements per day, which makes it incredibly difficult for your practice to capture attention.

In your office, however, it is considerably easier to cut through the clutter to let patients know about your new aesthetic services. That’s because patients in your waiting room see fewer marketing messages, and because they are already thinking about their well being. Adding colorful signage or flyers can raise awareness about new aesthetic services to current patients, and placing them in the waiting room or at the reception desk can help ensure the message is received.

Your front office staff can also help promote new aesthetic services by highlighting the benefits to patients before or after their appointments.

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Email Marketing

Email is an efficient and effective way to communicate with your patients. According to Campaign Monitor, 66% of people prefer businesses communicate with them via email.

You can send emails to announce new aesthetic services or include updates in a recurring newsletter. Email is an effective tool for driving appointment bookings because you can include hyperlinks to your online scheduling tool. You also can target your customers more precisely through email marketing by creating smaller lists of patients who are the best candidates for specific aesthetic services. Be sure to include high-quality photographs and detailed information about the services you’re offering to entice patients.

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Social Media

Providers with a social media presence across sites like Facebook and Twitter can keep patients updated on new aesthetic services. Share posts announcing new equipment to encourage patients to try a new service. You can also update your profile information and photos with relevant information about the equipment and services.

Note that it is becoming trickier for businesses to reach people organically on social media. New algorithms might reduce the number of followers who see your post in their feeds, especially on Facebook. Consider purchasing social media advertising to boost visibility, while also directing your services to a targeted audience.


Many patients can be hesitant to try a new aesthetic service. Offering a discount or reward can incentivize these patients to book appointments. Although this reduces your profit margin, it can get patients in the door more quickly and drive loyalty, which leads to great patient lifetime value.

Use the three previous tactics of in-office advertising, email, and social media marketing to advertise a discounted service. Engage with the current patients at your healthcare practice or MedSpa to reap the full benefits of your latest equipment upgrade.

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