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5 must-follow healthcare twitter stars

These 5 Twitter healthcare stars use the channel to engage colleagues and patients alike with educational — and some fun — content.

With 313M monthly active users, Twitter is a significant channel to engage patients and network — easily — with other thought leaders in the healthcare community through likes, retweets, and tags.

Twitter builds…

Trust: 60% of social media users are most likely to trust social media posts and activity by doctors over any other group.

Awareness: 42% learn about products and services via Twitter.

Quality Care: 60% of doctors believe that social media increases the quality of care they provide

New Patients: 41% of people said social media would affect their choice of a specific doctor, hospital, or medical facility

Engagement: 56% of a survey of patients wanted their HCPs to use social media to engage with them

And yet, even with all the benefits, Twitter may be one of the most intimidating social media networks, with its own culture, rules for following, hashtags, chats, character limits, and more. While there are many ways to engage with your target audience(s), it takes some time to figure out who to retweet, how many times a day to post, and how to get your posts seen by fellow Tweeters.

(If you want to know more about starting out with Twitter, read our post Twitter 101.)

That’s why we suggest you check out these 5 Twitter healthcare stars; while they may make it look easy to have a huge Twitter following, you can use their techniques and practices for your own Twitter.

Twitter Healthcare Stars

Kevin Pho, M.D. – @kevinmd

Not only does Kevin Pho put out a daily, content-rich, engaging newsletter, healthcare professionals can learn a thing or two from Kevin’s expertise with networking with healthcare professionals around the world. He frequently shares stories and insights from other healthcare professionals to give them a voice in the industry. Learn how to gain a following by supporting other professionals from Kevin Pho’s Twitter.

Followers: 150K

kevin md twitter profile

Eric Topol – @EricTopol

San Diego cardiologist Eric Topol built a world-renowned presence on Twitter by sharing content about new innovations in the healthcare industry. He says Twitter is his number one news source, and utilized his expertise and thought leadership to make sure the newest information in healthcare is shared around the globe. Learn how to build a Twitter presence as an innovator and thought leader in healthcare.

Followers: 100.7K

Steven Eisenberg, M.D. – @drseisenberg

Oncologist Dr. Steven Eisenberg uses Twitter to provide inspiring and tactical advice to cancer patients and their family members. When he isn’t seeing patients, Dr. Eisenberg writes songs with individuals living with cancer, and hosts his own Internet talk show featuring healthcare news and appearances from top healthcare professionals and thought leaders. Check out his Twitter to learn how to speak to a targeted group of patients in an inspiring way.

Followers: 43.6K

Val Jones, MD – @drval

Dr. Val Jones is the Medical Director of Admissions at St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute and Founder of Get Better Health. She built her Twitter presence by focusing on education and thought-provoking content for healthcare providers, as well as fun insider content like an editorial about finally giving in and wearing the unfashionable clogs that healthcare providers often don. Learn how to target your colleagues with fun and informative content with Dr. Jones’ account.

Followers: 25.7K

Leslie Saxon, MD – @DrLeslieSaxon

Leslie Saxon is a Clinical Scholar at USC Keck School of Medicine, and the Executive Director of USC Center for Body Computing. Even with her busy schedule she sets aside time for Twitter, because she believes that by sharing and posting innovations, research, and relevant industry information to inform and engage the healthcare community. She also shows her personality, such as in the picture above.

Followers: 7,377

leslie sazon twitter profile

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