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9 healthcare YouTube channels from physicians that inspire

Producing engaging video content on YouTube can help healthcare providers connect with prospective patients and enhance your online presence.

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is an incredibly powerful social media platform. It has also quickly transformed into the world’s second largest search engine second only to its owner, Google. In addition, YouTube is the second most-visited website, also after Google—where “YouTube” is the third most popular search term. 

For people newer to YouTube, it’s no longer just a place to gaze at mind-numbing videos. It’s now where billions of people go every day to learn and be entertained, with over 694,000 hours of video being streamed each minute.

While doctors may not traditionally think of YouTube as a first-line marketing strategy, for the right healthcare providers, YouTube can be a game-changer. Want to highlight your unique approach to patient care or explain a complex new procedure? YouTube is the perfect platform to engage with patients in an extremely controlled environment. For physicians and other practitioners with something to say, it offers a world of opportunity.

Who’s Watching YouTube?

According to Hootsuite, 81% of internet users have used YouTube. In 2022, the number of YouTube viewers in the US alone is expected to hit 210 million, with 74% of American adults using the platform compared to 68% who use Facebook. Although the YouTube audience skews younger, the stats for older adults remain impressive. A whopping 91% of 30-49 year olds in the US use YouTube as well as 49% of US adults aged 65 and over, and about two-thirds of 36-55 year-olds. It’s also the second-most preferred platform for watching video on TV screens among 18-34 year-olds, with 37% binge-watching YouTube daily.

YouTube Healthcare Providers to Watch

These nine providers have established an impressive YouTube following by creating informative, entertaining, engaging video content that’s generating hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views. In doing so, these doctors are establishing credibility, driving Google traffic, and increasing prospective patient volume. In some cases, they’re also creating new opportunities to generate revenue or advance their careers.

1. Mondragon Chiropractic
Dr. Brenda Mondragon is a licensed chiropractor from Orlando, FL, whose YouTube channel has over 1.3 million subscribers. Her regularly updated YouTube library offers videos of back-cracking, neck-popping chiropractic patient visits. Dr. Mondragon performs on patients from all walks of life — from tiny dancers to huge Marines, she applies her techniques on people with tightness, tension, and a variety of aches and pains. She’s an engaging, expert personality who is clearly passionate about the power of chiropractic care, and uses YouTube to promote her field and the body’s ability to heal itself through chiropractic adjustment.

2. Doctor Mike
Mike Varshavski, DO, best known as “Doctor Mike,” is a family medicine doctor from NYC who boasts more than 9.3 million YouTube followers. An internet celebrity, Dr. Mike has a YouTube presence rich with both hard-hitting videos on topics such as COVID-19 and the over-prescription of antibiotics, to lighter topics like nutrition, medical myths, and awkward health questions. Approachable and entertaining, Dr. Mike is the perfect recipe for a YouTube sensation. But he also serves as a great example of how physicians can use short YouTube videos on commonly searched topics to engage with prospective patients.

3. Medicine Deconstructed with Cedric Jamie Rutland, MD
Dr. Rutland (also known as Dr. J. Rutland) is a pulmonary / critical care physician who leads this engaging channel with more than 22,000 YouTube followers. Whether he’s talking about emerging treatments for COVID-19 or how to start your own medical practice, Dr. J. aims to simplify complicated topics for his fellow physicians and medical students. Follow his career path from hospital medicine to a self-owned private practice, and you’ll see how Dr. J has used YouTube as a great marketing platform to connect with a wide variety of audiences, including physician colleagues and like-minded entrepreneurs. On camera, he is smart, helpful, and inspiring, leaving subscribers curious as to what’s in store next for his medical career.

4. Antonio J. Webb, MD
A fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon, combat veteran, and motivational speaker, Dr. Antonio Webb overcame a rough childhood, avoiding a life of drugs and violence that claimed many of his friends and loved ones. With more than 324,000 subscribers, Dr. Webb’s YouTube channel features inspiring videos for aspiring physicians, ranging from how to apply to medical school to what it’s like as a resident. Dr. Webb has turned his journey to becoming a physician into a popular channel he’s using to shape the lives of prospective young physicians. He’s inspirational, dynamic, and empowering for anyone considering a medical career. Top tip: Dr. Webb includes a link to his YouTube channel on his online bio page at the South Texas Spinal Clinic (a PatientPop practice).

5. Mama Doctor Jones
With more than 1.1 million YouTube followers, Dr. Danielle Jones is an OB/GYN physician and mother of four who loves babies, pregnancy, and gynecology. Mama Doctor Jones provides practical and accurate education on a wide range of women’s health topics in an entertaining way — from how periods work to contraception options to common causes of infertility. Dr. Jones is funny and witty as she takes the edge off what may otherwise be uncomfortable topics of discussion. She successfully demonstrates to prospective patients, and the YouTube universe at large, that she’s an expert and personable doctor you can trust.

6. Dr. Hope’s Sick Notes
Dr. Ed Hope is a self-proclaimed “junior doctor” whose YouTube journey has followed him through medical school and into a new career in emergency medicine, where he has worked on the front lines of COVID-19. With close to 500,000 followers, Dr. Hope’s Sick Notes is a blend of humor and education. As a former advertising professional, Dr. Hope has clearly mastered the skill of engagement: His witty YouTube videos provide a ‘light-hearted look at hospitals, the human body and what it’s like to be a doctor.”

7. Doctor Eye Health
For Dr. Joseph Allen, OD, YouTube is all about education and engagement. On his YouTube channel, Doctor Eye Health, Dr. Allen offers regular videos on eye health, ocular disease, and vision products to more than 670,000 subscribers. Practicing with a local optometry group in Buffalo, MN, Dr. Allen covers popular topics like dry eyes, eye strain, blue light, contact lens care, and much more. His brief and informative videos are sure to help him connect with prospective patients, which he cross-promotes on his private practice web bio for greater reach.

8. Anthony Youn, MD
Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn is a nationally-recognized doctor, author, and podcast host whose goal is to “help health-conscious men and women over 30 look and feel their best.” He connects with YouTube viewers by sharing skincare strategies, anti-aging routines, and entertaining reactions to celebrities’ plastic surgery jobs. Dr. Youn is a YouTube marketing guru as evidenced by his close to 3.8 million subscribers, and using the platform to promote free (pre-recorded) online consultations, in an effort to drive procedural volume.

9. Christopher McGowan, MD
One great use for YouTube is to promote niche procedures and emerging fields of medicine. That’s what Dr. Christopher McGowan does with his growing channel focused on unique non-surgical procedures for weight loss using endobariatrics. Dr. McGowan is a triple board-certified physician in internal medicine, gastroenterology, and obesity medicine who uses YouTube to explain several innovative, endoscopic weight-loss procedures. He also offers videos of patients sharing their experiences, and live-streamed procedures that demonstrate his expertise and approach to endobariatric suturing.

The world of YouTube video content may feel overwhelming for healthcare providers. But, for those with a dynamic, engaging personality and valuable information to share, YouTube is a powerhouse of opportunity.

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