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Beach Day with Metro Charter Elementary

PatientPop had the amazing opportunity to volunteer with Metro Charter Elementary for a day at the beach and Santa Monica Aquarium!

We had the amazing opportunity to volunteer with Metro Charter Elementary(MCES). Metro Charter is a parent-funded elementary school located in Downtown LA. Danny DiMaso, an Implementation Manager at PatientPop, helped coordinate the event with MCES when a fellow coworker put him in contact with one of their teachers. When Danny brought this idea to the People Team, we were more than happy to help put it into action.

PatientPop helped to sponsor their 2nd grade field trip and spent the morning with them at the beach and Santa Monica Aquarium. This was our first time as a company to host a hands-on event with local youth – and it was a blast!

PatientPop recently adopted a “Volunteer Time Off” policy, allowing 2 paid days a year for volunteering at the organization of your choice. (You can read more about our volunteer initiatives in my other blog post). Danny saw this as a perfect opportunity to take time away from work for a cause he is truly passionate about.

"The picturesque location and incredible opportunities presented to all of us at PatientPop leave every employee feeling fortunate at the end of the day. Though we are all grateful, living in these auspicious circumstances can sometimes distract from the need that others are living in. The 2nd grade teacher at MCES said that many of her students, although living their entire lives in Los Angeles, had never been to the beach and the school didn't have funding for this field trip. Knowing how lucky we are to be so close to the beach every day, this event seemed like the perfect way for PatientPop to give back. I think this event is just the beginning of what we'll do for our community moving forward."

Danny DiMaso, Implementation Manager

Beach day fun!

Over 30 students came for the day and we met them on the beach in front of our office. We brought sandcastle tools, frisbees, and other toys to play with. It was nice to step away from our hectic schedules to enjoy the beautiful weather and hang out with some pretty awesome kids.

Learning at Santa Monica Aquarium

After the beach and lunch, we accompanied the students to the Santa Monica Aquarium.The aquarium is closed during weekdays to allow students to come and learn about the local ecosystems.  Although we work just a few blocks away, some of us had never been inside the aquarium so this was a treat for us as well!

The kids had a blast and it was such a cool way for them to apply the things they have been learning in class. For us, it was refreshing to learn about the beach and ocean just outside our office doors.

We had an absolute blast with our new friends from Metro Charter. Although the purpose of this day was to provide a memorable field trip to the MCES 2nd grade class, it felt like more of a treat for us.

PatientPop is always looking for more opportunities like these, so please reach out if you’re interested in a philanthropy partnership!


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