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Behind the scenes: Our Santa Monica headquarters

Get a behind the scenes look at PatientPop's headquarters, thanks to Built in LA, who visited our new office recently. See what it's like to work and play in the heart of Santa Monica, California.

Recently, Built in LA stopped by our office to interview some of our team for an article and take some pictures. You can read their article “How PatientPop Maintains Its Open, Collaborative Culture – Even as it Scales” here.

As Built in LA mentioned, less than 3 years ago PatientPop’s office was small enough that the employees “could just swivel in their chairs to talk directly with the co-CEOs.” Today, our Santa Monica headquarters is much larger and holds about 170 people.

Check out the photos below for a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to work at our headquarters!

Our foyer, and the first thing you see when you step out of the elevator. To the right you’ll find our Office Manager Melissa at her desk welcoming you into the office. To the left you’ll find our employees’ desks, and if you turn around you’ll see the dining area and patio, complete with a ping pong table and a keg containing CEO Luke Kervin’s favorite: Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA.

"We believe the more information we can give employees, the more empowered they’ll be to help us succeed.”

Luke Kervin, Co-CEO

Pictured above is our main conference room, named “Toba” after one of our investors, Toba Capital. Toba is constantly in use by every one of our teams, from Sales to Engineering to Marketing.

Outside Toba, you’ll find an open area of the office often used for one-on-ones and impromptu meetings (as seen above). Colloquially known as the “middle,” this space is one of my personal favorites because of the huge skylight above it. In addition to its everyday use for smaller meetings, the middle is home to our monthly “All Hands” meeting, game night, and other company events.

Moving back towards the front of the office we have our dining area, often used as an impromptu meeting space. During lunch hours you can find these tables packed with people enjoying their food and catching up with their colleagues. Just outside the frame is our ping pong table (pictured above), one of the most popular places for a quick break and the site of the two infamous CEO Ping Pong Showdowns… Although Travis initially defeated Luke, Luke came back to win their second face-off. Only time will tell who will win next.

To the left of our dining area, we have the entrance to the patio (pictured above), where our PatientPop People can step out for fresh air, sun, and a view of the ocean. The couches are a great place to have lunch or a brief meeting and enjoy our beautiful Santa Monica weather.

Back inside the office, the open desk layout makes it easy to collaborate. Above is our Manager of Customer Success Jason Pavlow and Manager of Customer Retention Wayne Smith, a perfect example of the teamwork you can find throughout the office every day.

Around the perimeter of the main desk area you’ll find the executive offices. Each office has glass walls and doors, which are always open to the rest of the team. Pictured above is Director of Strategic Initiatives Jessica Neyer and Co-CEO (and first round CEO Ping Pong Showdown Champion) Travis Schneider meeting in Travis’s office.

There’s no doubt PatientPop has come a long way in the past three years (our original office could practically fit inside the Toba conference room at our current space), and we’re loving where we’re at. Two blocks from the beach, one block from the 3rd Street Promenade, and with plenty of room for all of our PatientPups, our Santa Monica headquarters is a great place to be.


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