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Top 5 learning sessions every doctor should watch: The best of PatientPop 2021 webinars

Our most popular webinars from the past year offer tactics to attract and engage patients, grow your business, streamline operations, and more.

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As the industry leader in practice growth, PatientPop helps thousands of independent healthcare practices stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market. With healthcare now more consumer-driven and digitally focused than ever, our all-in-one practice growth platform makes it easier to run a successful practice, with technology at each touchpoint with patients. 

As part of our mission to help practices thrive, our practice technology and medical marketing professionals routinely offer their expertise via live learning sessions.  To stand out in your market, the time to focus on your practice growth strategy is now. Get started by checking out our top five webinars from 2021 — all designed to give you the insights and actions to help grow your business as you start 2022.

1. 5 steps to creating a 5-star online reputation

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What you can learn: How to drive preference for your practice by building and maintaining a stellar online reputation.

Overview: For patients looking for a new healthcare provider, practice and provider reviews are the single most influential point of online information. In fact, 7 of 10 patients say reviews contribute to their decision when choosing a provider. Yet, PatientPop research indicates that 3 out of 10 providers don’t take the time to address or invest in their online reputation; in some cases, they believe they have little to no control over it. This lack of attention can negatively impact practice growth.

The good news is there are numerous proven online reputation management strategies that can help practices and providers enhance their online reviews and reputation. This webinar outlines five tactical strategies that can elevate your practice’s online reputation above the fray. 

We show you how average star ratings, review volume, and review frequency all impact your reputation, and share tips to build more impressive, influential numbers that can drive practice growth over time. Strategies include building a stronger overall online presence, enhancing communication with patients, requesting patient feedback, and responding to negative reviews. 

2. From problem patients to practice advocates: how to manage negative online reviews

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What you can learn: Best practices for managing negative online reviews including when and how to respond, how to flag “fake” reviews, and tips for preventing bad feedback up front.

Overview: No practice is perfect. Most providers understand that some negative feedback is to be expected. This doesn’t mean it’s okay to overlook complaints and negative online reviews. Instead, savvy providers and practice owners know a negative online review is an opportunity to salvage a relationship while impressing prospective patients. 

This learning session outlines key strategies to help healthcare practices manage negative online reviews. Although certain patients are more likely to complain or less likely to forgive a negative experience, the patient isn’t the only one paying attention. Potential patients reading online reviews are watching, and a lack of outreach from the practice or provider signals an unresponsive staff. 

You’ll learn how reviews can influence decision-making, on which websites patients are most likely to read reviews, and the factors that most often contribute to negative feedback. From there, we highlight best practices for responding — including timing, compliance concerns related to patient privacy, and tips for addressing neutral reviews. 

3. Managing your practice like a business: Tools and techniques to attract and retain patients – while keeping staff happy, too

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What you can learn: How to use practice technology and automation to streamline operations, attract and retain patients, and improve staff satisfaction.

Overview: Running a healthcare practice requires a delicate balance of caring for patients and keeping an eye on the business side of things. It’s often difficult to achieve: patient care takes priority, often leaving functions like practice operations and medical marketing on the back burner. 

This webinar highlights how specific technology and automation can make things easier on practice owners while driving more patients to your practice. Our practice technology experts outline the benefits of an all-in-one growth platform designed just for private practices with tips for defining and tracking business goals and their aligned key performance indicators

4. Social media 101: Attract and engage patients online

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What you can learn: The value of social media for healthcare practices: an overview of today’s most effective social media channels, how to develop engaging content for your audience, and best practices for social media success. 

Overview: With more than 82 percent of U.S. consumers using social media, it’s an incredibly powerful tool offering many benefits to healthcare practices. You control the content and reach current and prospective patients where they already spend most of their time – online. This popular 35 minute webinar breaks down the rapidly changing world of social media for busy healthcare practices in an easy-to-understand format to help you begin building an effective social strategy. 

We highlight the top social platforms, how people use them, and how to develop content that will perform well across various channels, based on your target audience. 

5. Essential guide to transforming your practice workflow

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What you can learn: How to apply technology to achieve a more streamlined and productive practice workflow in support of an overall business growth strategy

Overview: Healthcare practices are often overwhelmed with too many administrative and manual processes—leading to unnecessary errors, staff burnout, and patient frustration. In this popular webinar, our experts illustrate how technology and automation can help practices work more efficiently and reap the rewards of productivity, patient satisfaction, and a happier staff. 

This learning session highlights the risks and costs of inefficiency, as well as the latest research on digital conveniences patients want from their healthcare providers. You’ll get a better understanding of the business value of practice management tools, such as online scheduling, text messaging, automated appointment reminders and confirmations, digital registration, and patient satisfaction surveys. 

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