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PatientPop now offers appointment scheduling through Google

PatientPop makes it possible for patients to book appointments via your Google Search listing.

How it Works

PatientPop’s Joel Headley, Director of Local SEO and Marketing, demonstrates how Google’s new ‘Make Appointment’ tool works.

With 51% of patients preferring to choose practices offering online scheduling and 36% of patients scheduling appointments online outside regular office hours, PatientPop wants to ensure that new and current patients alike can easily book an appointment with your practice from sites all across the web.

And our PatientPop data shows that 10% of actions on your business are taken directly from Google without ever visiting your site — this number is only growing!

If you aren’t giving prospective patients the opportunity to convert outside of your website, you’re missing a lot of potential appointments.

That's why PatientPop now offers online booking as a direct call-to-action from your listing on Google.

Now patients searching for a healthcare provider on Google can see your search listing, quickly select Make appointment from your listing and go directly to your PatientPop booking interface to schedule time with you.

With the rollout of booking online via Google, PatientPop will continue to expand the reach of your practice across the web with our new Universal Scheduling. With this new feature, patients can book an appointment with you on a variety of third-party sites — such as healthcare and business review sites —
that they’re already visiting. We’ll have more information on Universal Scheduling soon, so stay tuned.

If you’re a PatientPop customer and would like to learn more about that feature, contact your CSM. If you would like to learn more about booking through Google — and don’t use PatientPop — contact us at [email protected].

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