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ClubPop Week features clubs, raises funds for Alzheimer’s Association

At PatientPop, any employee has the freedom to start their own self-run club to foster relationships with their peers who share similar interests. Many employees have taken advantage of this program, called ClubPop, resulting in clubs that focus on topics including chess, cooking, improv, mental health, and photography. In addition to these clubs, we also have two employee resource groups: the Women’s Resource Group and the Diversity & Inclusion Resource Group.

Because our clubs and resource groups are relatively recent additions to PatientPop, we created a new event, ClubPop Week, to highlight them and their members through daily events.

The week wasn’t just about awareness of our clubs, however; it was also about raising Alzheimer’s awareness. We partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association to raise money for The Longest Day, an event on June 21 that raises funds for Alzheimer’s research.

To participate in ClubPop Week activities, employees were asked to make a cash or Bonusly donation. (Bonusly is a recognition program where Patientpop employees can give and receive points and then cash them in for rewards. When an employee donated Bonusly points for a ClubPop activity, we traded them for their equivalent monetary value to donate to the Alzheimer’s Association.)

On Monday of ClubPop Week, we highlighted our athletic clubs. PushUpPop hosted a plank contest, SoccerPop competed for longest soccer ball juggle, and GolfPop had a chip shot shootout.

On Tuesday, our public speaking club, PatientPop Speaks, educated us on “popcorn talks.” After a quick introduction to public speaking tips and tricks, all participants delivered a short speech about philanthropy on the spot!

On Wednesday, ChefPop had a bake sale with an array of yummy treats. While the bake sale was going on, photography club PhotoPop showcased some of their recent work.

On Thursday, the day of PatientPop catered lunch, the employees who had made the highest donations to The Longest Day thus far received first-in-line passes. (A very coveted prize — ask any PatientPop employee!)

We wrapped up ClubPop Week on Friday afternoon with an outdoor mindfulness session hosted by POPTogether, our mental health and awareness club.

ClubPop Week brought together employees from departments across the company to participate in a variety of activities together. Even better, we raised more than $600 to give to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Stay tuned to the PatientPop People blog for more news on PatientPop clubs and resource groups.

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