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How dental marketing software can improve your dentistry marketing

Dentist marketing is significantly easier when you invest in the right dental marketing software.

dental marketing software benefits

If you’re new to dental marketing, you’re no doubt wondering what tools you need to achieve success. Whether your practice has taken on marketing efforts in-house or hired a marketing consultant, dental marketing software can be helpful.

There are many benefits to choosing a software solution to market your dental practice. Read on to discover a few of those benefits.

6 benefits of dental marketing software

1. Improved online presence

You can reach new patients with the help of good dental marketing software that improves your online presence. Dental marketing software like PatientPop identifies important online directories for your practice and ensures you are listed where you need to be. A dental software solution also eliminates the need for manual citations, ensuring all practice listings are consistent and accurate.

Profiles and listings in relevant directories will help new patients find your dental practice in multiple ways. You’ll benefit from the organic traffic of the third-party site, receiving referral traffic from the directories themselves. You’ll also enhance your own search engine optimization (SEO), improving your chances of ranking well for important search terms and landing a spot in the local stack.

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2. Time-saving

If you’ve ever attempted to take on marketing for your practice, then you know how much time and organization it requires. There are a lot of moving pieces in any marketing campaign — and that’s not even considering patient retention and administrative tasks. A robust software like PatientPop can automate dentist marketing tasks, saving you time and money.

A dental marketing software solution can also ensure that no important touchpoints are neglected. Communication shouldn’t end once a patient books an appointment. Your practice still needs to keep in touch via appointment reminders, patient satisfaction surveys, emails, and more. Dental marketing software can do the work for you.

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3. More patient reviews

Online reviews are essential for dentists who want to attract more patients and grow their practices. Dental practices with many positive reviews are more appealing to new patients and more likely to earn prominent search engine placement.

Dental marketing software can automatically follow up with patients and prompt them to share their experiences at your practice online.

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4. Better insight into marketing success

One of the most appealing features of dental marketing software is the ability to assess your progress via a marketing performance dashboard. Dental marketing software can aggregate information and automatically create easy-to-understand visualizations to help you gauge your progress at a glance.

Not long ago, the only indicators of campaign performance that dental practices had at their disposal were appointment bookings and revenue. A software solution can track new patients and returning patients much earlier and give you valuable insights into which channels are attracting the most patients and how satisfied patients are with your practice.

A robust software like PatientPop provides a birdseye view of your practice, so you can identify trends and know where to invest your marketing dollars.

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5. Streamlined front office

Front office employees are an important part of every dental practice. They are the voices patients hear when they call your practice and the first faces they see when they visit. That’s why it’s essential you give them the tools they need to run the desk smoothly without becoming overwhelmed or burning out.

Dental marketing software can automate many of their tasks, freeing up their time for meaningful client interactions. Streamlining front desk tasks — like sending appointment confirmations and reminders — can also help your dental practice by ensuring these tasks are done without error and promptly.

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6. Better online patient experience

One of the benefits of dental marketing software is the availability of digital tools for your patients. As more digitally savvy patients book their own dental appointments, it’s important to meet them online and offer the tools they expect.

If your dental practice is looking to attract new patients — especially young patients — digital tools like online appointment scheduling and text message appointment confirmations and reminders are essential. Software solutions like PatientPop can give your patients access to modern tools they desire.

For dental practices choosing to promote their practices on their own, dental marketing software is often necessary for success. Dental software can also be helpful for practices that work with outside dental marketing consultants or who hire an in-house marketing specialist. To see how dental marketing software can benefit your practice, schedule a personalized demonstration with a PatientPop representative.

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