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PatientPop reviews: Dr. Kambiz Silani, optometry

Kambiz Silani, OD, of Beverly Hills Optometry, gives his review of PatientPop, the leader in practice growth.

Thousands of healthcare, dental, and aesthetic service providers trust PatientPop to manage each step of practice growth, from the moment patients find them online to post-visit feedback. In this PatientPop review, we hear from customer Kambiz Silani, OD, of Beverly Hills Optometry. Watch the video for information about the practice, or look below for a transcript.

Prior to PatientPop, believe it or not, I built our website. It was nice. We got a little bit of traction, but it wasn’t until we signed up with PatientPop that things started to kind of rock ‘n’ roll.

I’m Dr. Salani, chief clinical director of Beverly Hills Optometry. My family has been the eye care industry for about five decades. We really like to stress holistic medicine in our practice, so we like to reserve traditional medicine or pharmaceutical medications as a last resort.

We pride ourselves in carrying state-of-the-art technology. This resonates really well with patients because we can actually demonstrate to them what eye conditions they have. Then also we can set up a customized treatment plan for them.

We’ve been with PatientPop for the last few years and it’s really been an incredible journey. Some of the pain points for me and my staff were booking appointments and doing that over the phone. PatientPop has made that process really streamlined, really efficient for our staff. They’ve continued to evolve their platform, and it’s saved us tremendous amount of time in the office.

We’ve had a lot of traffic to our website due to the fact they’ve increased our SEO. We have a lot of patients who complement us when they come into the office, “Wow, your website looks really techie and really advanced.”

PatientPop has really done an amazing job of continuing to build our online presence and that also translates into Google and Facebook reviews. And they’ve been able to get us 5-star reviews in that short period of time.

PatientPop is a platform that initially started as, they built out your website, they handle your local listings, elevated us to the first page of Google, and now they’ve really evolved to so much more. They handle your online presence, they handle your online reputation, they handle your online booking and scheduling. It’s really a remarkable platform.

This many years in now, they’re one of, basically, our trusted partners. So we can focus on what’s most important, which is patients in the office.

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