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From Atul Gawande to practice growth: the power of the checklist

With Dr. Atul Gawande recently selected to lead a much-talked-about healthcare venture, we consider his influential book, The Checklist Manifesto, and offer our favorite practice growth checklists.

The January announcement might have lacked details, but it certainly didn’t lack punch. Amazon, J.P Morgan, and Berkshire Hathaway were coming together to form a supergroup healthcare venture to help drive down healthcare costs. Just last week, the initiative named its CEO, the accomplished surgeon and acclaimed author Atul Gawande.

One of Gawande’s books is particularly valuable for anyone trying to get from point A to point Z: The Checklist Manifesto. In the book, Gawande implements and encourages the use of checklists to complete a complex or complicated task, and he has successfully brought checklists into the world of surgery.

Atul Gawande’s recent CEO appointment got us thinking about the times we’ve created small checklists to help healthcare providers achieve a variety of goals focused on practice growth and patient satisfaction. It’s certainly not as complex as piloting a plane or building a skyscraper — which Atul Gawande covers in The Checklist Manifesto — but no less important to doctors and dentists looking to thrive as independent providers.

Below is a quick summary of our favorite PatientPop checklists, and we hope they continue to influence your success.

The Busy Doctor's Guide to Marketing a Healthcare Practice

According to a Physicians Practice survey, more than half of physicians say they wish they worked fewer hours per week. However, it’s crucial private practice doctors make time to promote their businesses so they can attract new patients.

The checklist in “The Busy Doctor’s Guide to Marketing a Healthcare Practice” will help you prioritize marketing strategies and tactics so you can get the most out of your efforts.

3 Ways Healthcare Providers Can Build Online Presence

Prospective patients look online for information about doctors more than ever before. To increase the likelihood they will find a particular practice, doctors must build a robust online presence.

See “3 Ways Healthcare Providers Can Build Online Presencefor a checklist with steps on how to ensure your healthcare practice is visible in all the right places online.

4 Steps Healthcare Providers Should Take Before Using Social Media for Business

Regularly posting quality content to social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ is key to growing an online reputation. However, getting started with social media for business can be daunting, particularly for healthcare providers who must be careful not to violate HIPAA laws.

Read “4 Steps Healthcare Providers Should Take Before Using Social Media for Businessto find a checklist with tips on how to get started with social media at your practice.

Can Healthcare Providers Sue Over Negative Reviews? How to Handle Online Criticism

Healthcare practices can take a considerable hit when people post negative reviews about their services. A handful of negative reviews can deter new patients from scheduling appointments, and even keep some current patients from coming back.

The best preparation for negative feedback is to have a process ready to go. The blog post “Can Healthcare Providers Sue Over Negative Reviews? How to Handle Online Criticism” includes a helpful checklist your practice can use when addressing negative feedback online.

How to Encourage Bookings Using Your Healthcare Practice Website

Healthcare practices have to be persuasive to convert website visitors into patients — and to convert one-time office visitors into loyal, lifelong patients.

The blog post “How to Encourage Bookings Using Your Healthcare Practice Websiteshares a checklist with steps you can take to increase appointments by designing an online presence that encourages people to take action.

4 Ways Healthcare Providers Can Encourage Regular Patient Visits

Healthcare providers know that regular exams, treatments, and tests are highly important for patients’ long-term health. And yet, many patients only visit their physicians when they are sick or have urgent medical needs. The good news is there are steps providers can take to encourage patients to book regular appointments.

Check out the checklist in4 Ways Healthcare Providers Can Encourage Regular Patient Visits” for more information.

5 Ideas to Make Your Healthcare Practice More Efficient

Most healthcare providers acknowledge that delivering care is just one part of their job, However, many don’t anticipate just how much time they and their staff will spend completing routine administrative tasks. Although it’s unlikely you’ll ever cut out all undesirable office work, it is possible to improve your practice performance to make routine tasks less burdensome.

Check off the steps in the blog post “5 Ideas to Make Your Healthcare Practice More Efficient” to transform your practice into a hub of productivity.

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