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The benefits of software solutions for healthcare marketing

Healthcare marketing software is the most comprehensive way to promote your practice.

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These days, a successful practice needs a modern website, a robust web presence, and a strong online reputation. With the majority of people going online to search for providers, healthcare marketing is no longer just a tool to bring patients in the door. Instead, it’s become a consumer expectation.

Healthcare marketing software can help you optimize your web presence, update your web profiles, and even help manage your online reputation. For many practices, healthcare marketing software — and services practices receive from the software company — can be a one-stop-shop for all of their marketing needs.

Read on to learn why a software solution may be the right approach to healthcare marketing for your practice.

What should a good healthcare marketing software solution do?

Using healthcare marketing software has many benefits for healthcare practices. But before describing what those are, it’s important to explain exactly what healthcare marketing software does. Simply put, an effective software solution should do three main things: Grow your business, modernize the patient experience, and streamline your front office.

To grow your business, you need to attract new patients and retain your current ones. This requires a high-performing medical website that is optimized for search, entices patients to book an appointment, and satisfies patient preferences for technology. Your healthcare marketing software should expand your web presence by claiming your online profiles on prominent local directories. This allows patients to discover your practice wherever they search for care online. 

Healthcare marketing software should equip your website with conversion features that turn your website visitors into new patients. This includes online appointment scheduling for patients and web forms that capture patient information. The software should also include ways to enhance patient engagement, such as secure text messaging and email marketing campaigns.

Because of the importance of patient reviews in the doctor-selection process, an online reputation management system is a critical component of any healthcare marketing software. According to Software Advice,  71 percent of patients begin their search for a doctor by reading online reviews. In addition, 69 percent of patients told us that they would not select a doctor with an average star rating below 4.0 stars. Thus, a good software solution would allow doctors to monitor their incoming patient reviews, ask patients for feedback, and respond to reviews when necessary.  

6 benefits to using healthcare marketing software

1. You can spend more time with your patients.

Marketing your practice can require a significant amount of time. Even if you contract an agency for healthcare marketing services, you may have to wait for specific marketing tactics to be manually completed.

A good healthcare marketing software, such as PatientPop, will use automation to help boost your search engine optimization, improve the patient experience, and enhance your online reputation. Automation allows for a more hands-off approach so you can stay focused on patient care.

2. You’ll constantly get new features to drive your marketing efforts.

As healthcare evolves, so do the needs of a practice. Software technology is the only healthcare marketing solution that can keep pace with shifts in the industry.

Good healthcare marketing software companies listen to their users’ feedback and implement worthwhile changes or additions, so the value of the software increases with time. PatientPop regularly releases product enhancements and new offerings to help practices succeed.

3. You’ll have access to a customer support team.

As with any new piece of technology, there can be a learning curve. A good software company will have a committed customer service model with a team that can offer strategic assistance and answer any questions. They can help advise your marketing strategy so that it aligns with your specific business goals. They can also make sure you are using the software to its full capacity, so you are getting the full value of your marketing investment.

PatientPop practices receive strategic help from Customer Success representatives to ensure they are getting the best possible results from the PatientPop solution. 

4. The healthcare marketing software is designed with you in mind.

Another benefit of healthcare marketing software is that it is designed with your practice’s needs in mind. Whereas other marketing solutions may serve clients across multiple industries, healthcare marketing software companies understand the important rules and regulations associated with the medical industry.

PatientPop is a HIPAA-compliant healthcare marketing solution that integrates with more than 60 EHR/EMRs serving a variety of healthcare markets. By integrating with other healthcare technology you use, PatientPop can deliver more automated features and help boost efficiency at your practice.

5. Software allows you to easily track the success of your marketing campaigns.

A good software solution will offer you business intelligence to help you measure the success of your growth strategy. What good is implementing digital strategies if they are unsuccessful? Monitoring performance regularly can help ensure that you are reaching your target audience.

Your healthcare marketing software should give you an overview of patient sentiment at your practice, track inbound leads and patient conversion, and display search engine optimization (SEO) performance. 

6. You’ll get all your healthcare marketing needs in a single solution.

Often, providers are in the position of having to hire one consultant or agency to host their website and another to help manage their online reputation. But managing multiple service vendors or digital tools is a job in itself.

PatientPop offers everything providers need to attract and retain patients in a single solution, including enhancing your web presence, elevating your reputation, and increasing your practice’s efficiency. 

PatientPop is a healthcare marketing software solution dedicated to helping practices thrive. Only serving healthcare practices, PatientPop offers physicians, dentists, and other care providers an all-in-one HIPAA-compliant marketing solution.

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