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How PatientPop celebrated Employee Appreciation Day

What’s a recharge day? A fantastic outlet for hard-working staff to enjoy a day to themselves, in the midst of busy schedules and remote work.

Friday, March 5 was Employee Appreciation Day across the nation. As a way to thank our employees for all their hard work, PatientPop celebrated by giving everyone a company recharge day. On a recharge day, we shut down and encourage our employees to take additional time off and do the things they love. 

To stay connected with our employees while we all still work remotely, our Employee Experience Manager, Melissa Hokama, came up with a great idea: The Photo of the Week Challenge. Each week, there’s a different photo theme, and we encourage employees to submit pictures related to that theme. We’ve had themes ranging from Disneyland trips and outdoor activities, to favorite quarantine hobbies and our treasured furry friends. 

This week, to note this latest recharge day, we asked employees to submit pictures chronicling what they did on their recharge day. We received dozens of pictures from our teammates doing what they love. Check out some of the fun activities!


PatientPop teammate: Frank Camberos

Department: R&D

Q: What did you do on your recharge day?

I went golfing on a weekday! It was great not having to deal with weekend crowds.

Q: Why is a recharge day a great perk?

It’s a must-have to disconnect from the weekday grind of Slack messages, emails, and meetings — as well as the indoor monotony of eating, sleeping, and working under the same roof day after day. Recharge day is exactly that: getting out and doing something! For me, it was playing a round of golf and getting recharged by vitamin D, while not plugged in to my phone or laptop. It’s one of those rare occasions where I actually hoped the game play would take longer than usual because I was enjoying the scenery of green fairways instead of my monitor. Did I break 90? Nope. Did that bother me? Not in the slightest!


PatientPop teammate: Shenell McCrary

Department: Customer Support

Q: What did you do on your recharge day?

I rested, went on a trail ride with my lease horse, and then spent the rest of the day getting things done on my to-do list, such as scheduling appointments and catching up on chores. I also got a chance to make a delicious meal with my partner. 

Q: Why is a recharge day a great perk?

It definitely shows that PatientPop appreciates the work of their employees. It allows us to rest or spend our day on things that are also important to us, besides our job. Getting out of our daily routine can be so refreshing and I’m glad PatientPop believes in supporting employees in this way. 


PatientPop teammate: Stephen Archer

Department: Field Sales

Q: What did you do on your recharge day?

I spent my recharge day at the 2021 Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT.

Q: Why is a recharge day a great perk?

Recharge day is a great perk because it allows you to do just that, recharge! It is a great opportunity to take a deep breath, disconnect, and do a mental reset.


PatientPop teammate: Kirby Kushner

Department: Professional Services

Q: What did you do on your recharge day?

I booked an outdoor yoga class and treated myself to coffee afterwards. My husband was on “baby duty” and I took the opportunity to have a little ‘me’ time.

Q Why is a recharge day a great perk?

It was so great to have a day I would otherwise be grinding at work to do something entirely for myself! Getting the chance to unplug and unwind was just what I needed during an otherwise fast-paced work week!

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