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How PatientPop celebrates employee anniversaries

PatientPop loves celebrating milestones and accomplishments. We celebrated our company’s fifth anniversary in March 2019, and we continuously celebrate the work anniversaries of our employees. We value each member of our team — 500+ people and growing! — and we’re happy to reward everyone for each year of their service.

Joining our team: The PatientPop new employee experience

After one year with us, we give employees a zippered PatientPop hoodie. It’s a simple gift, but employees count down the days until they receive theirs. Additionally, we give each employee a certificate signed by PatientPop co-founders and co-CEOs Luke Kervin and Travis Schneider thanking them for their contribution and the impact they’ve made so far.

After two years, employees receive a PatientPop duffle bag. They also earn a paid day off for their birthday.

Three years at PatientPop grants employees an additional week of paid time off (PTO), bringing their total PTO to 20 days, or four weeks.

After four years with PatientPop, employees receive a $1,500 travel stipend. We want our employees to have fun inside and out of the office, so we love offering this stipend, which they can use toward a vacation of their choice. Ten employees have reached this milestone to date.

After five years with PatientPop, employees earn an additional week of PTO, meaning they have five weeks of vacation time each year! This milestone is especially meaningful right now because the employees earning this reward now have been with PatientPop since its founding.

As PatientPop continues to grow, we’ll add additional anniversary rewards to celebrate the people who make our company great.

Kick off the countdown to your first PatientPop anniversary. Visit the PatientPop Careers page to see our open positions.


The combined power of Kareo and PatientPop

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