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How to attract new dental patients in 2019 and beyond

It’s a new year, and independent dentists want to know how to attract new dental patients. This blog post shares six dental marketing ideas for dentists that are sure to grab the attention of new dental patients.

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People understand the importance of regular dental visits, but many procrastinate making an appointment. An overwhelming 85 percent of Americans believe oral health is very or extremely important to their overall health, but 42 percent don’t see the dentist as often as they’d like, according to a 2018 survey conducted by Delta Dental Plans Association.

Clearly, there’s no shortage of people in need of your services. If you’re looking to get new dental patients into your office, it’s time to get in front of a larger audience. Here are six online dental marketing ideas, designed to help expand your patient base.

Attract new patients with these dental marketing ideas

1. Enhance your web presence

If you’re ready to improve your dental marketing and get more patients into your practice, claiming your listing on directories is an important step. Sites like Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp automatically generate profiles for businesses, so it’s important to claim your dental practice page.

Taking ownership puts you in control of the page content. This allows you to input — and update, as needed — important details such as contact information, business hours, and a link to your website. Depending on the directory, you might also be able to add photos and respond to reviews.

This is one of the most effective dental marketing ideas because it greatly expands your reach. It can also be helpful for reputation management purposes, which is crucial when working to attract new dental patients.

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2. Create an SEO-optimized, mobile-first website

When choosing a new dentist, savvy patients do their homework. If your current website is seriously lacking or you don’t have one at all, attracting new patients will be a challenge. Investing in a sleek new website optimized for search performance will make a world of difference. Sharing detailed information about the dental services offered, provider bios, and testimonials from current patients increases SEO and engages prospective patients.

To score the best Google ranking, you’ll also need a mobile-first website. Announced in November 2016, Google’s mobile-first indexing strategy started to hit small local businesses in 2018. Previously, the search engine’s ranking systems evaluated desktop content to gauge its relevance in search, but algorithms now focus on mobile content.

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3. Ask patients to write online reviews

If you’re wondering how to attract new dental patients, part of the answer lies within your current patient base. Asking those who have received your dental services to write a review for your website can boost your reputation.

People put a lot of stock in the opinions of fellow consumers. For example, 82 percent of U.S. adults read online reviews at least sometimes before purchasing an item for the first time, and 40 percent always or almost always do, according to a 2015 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center.

Several factors play into your online reputation, including average star rating, total number of reviews, and frequency of reviews. Patients don’t always take the initiative to write reviews on their own, so don’t be afraid to ask them to share their experience.

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4. Invest in paid advertising

If you want to enhance your dental marketing strategies and attract new patients, you have to get in front of them. Most (77 percent) of Americans use the Internet each day, according to a 2018 Pew study, making online advertising an effective way to connect.

Dental advertising and robust social media ad campaigns can alert local patients to the specific dental services offered by your practice. Your ads will appear at the top of search results, allowing prospective patients to find you with minimal effort.

5. Step up your social media presence

As of 2018, 77 percent of the U.S. population has a profile on at least one social media site, according to Statista. Given these numbers, your practice can’t afford not to have an active social media presence.

Using popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to share dental marketing messages will help you connect with potential patients. For best results, make sure your profiles are up to date and also be sure to post engaging, informative content on a regular basis.

6. Start a practice blog

As a respected dental provider, you have a wealth of knowledge to share. Attract more patients by blogging about interesting dental health topics.

Creating unique content will improve your search results, while also positioning you as a dental industry expert. Write new blog posts on a regular basis to improve your dental marketing, drive traffic, and showcase your expertise.

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