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Intern spotlight: Siyang Sun, data science

Interns have long been an important part of the PatientPop team because they come to us brimming with energy and a strong desire to do good work. Since our founding, we’ve worked with dozens of interns, many of whom have joined our company in full-time positions.

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One intern we were especially pleased to have worked with is Siyang Sun. Originally from Boulder, CO, Siyang first came to Los Angeles in 2014 to attend UCLA. He earned his undergraduate degree in 2018 before accepting an internship in data science with PatientPop.

Siyang interned with PatientPop for one year, working on both the Marketing and Research and Development teams. He earned his master of science degree in business analytics (data science) from the UCLA Anderson School of Management during the same period.

Siyang recently said his goodbyes to PatientPop to pursue new opportunities, but before he left, he graciously answered a few of our questions about his experience.

What does a typical day at PatientPop look like for you?

I work primarily on data engineering projects and so, on a typical day, you’ll find me working on tasks associated with those projects and attending meetings — most notably, our 10 a.m. data engineering standup meeting.

I am also a student, so my day involves attending classes. I usually head home around 5 or 6 p.m. for those.

How did your role develop over the course of your internship?

I first worked on the Marketing team, helping to streamline lead management. Now, I work on the Research and Development team on more centralized data goals.

Working on two teams in two roles was exciting and really insightful. I became more comfortable and capable on both teams as time went by.

What training did you receive?

My training was mostly on-the-job, which I appreciated. I was given meaningful work from the get-go, and I felt very free to ask my manager for help or advice. I also learned a lot by asking questions of my coworkers. Everyone was always happy to help.

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Would you say your internship helped prepare you for professional work?

I’m definitely more prepared for work after college. For example, it’s much easier for me now to determine the business impact of projects and analytics.

Tell us about the social aspect of being a PatientPop intern.

Everyone at PatientPop is very friendly and inviting. There are lots of events to attend and clubs to join.

One club I saw often was PushUpPop, which is a fitness club. Every afternoon, club members go out the patio to do push-ups. They have progress statistics for every member and have their own club OKRs (objectives and key results). How cool is that?

How does your PatientPop internship differ from others you’ve experienced?

At PatientPop, I’m treated as an equal. I’m given serious projects that impact the company. I’m given guidance, of course, but there is a certain level of autonomy and trust in my work that has helped me grow and learn more than I could have otherwise.

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