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#InternLife at PatientPop

PatientPop’s internship program is one that boasts immense learning experiences and the opportunity to make an impact for our business.

Internships are an extremely valuable tool for students or young professionals starting out in the tech industry. A successful internship program has the potential to jump-start your career within the company or provide instrumental experience to bring elsewhere.

Rather than bringing in large classes of interns every summer, various PatientPop departments hand-select one to two interns that will contribute as full members of the team. An internship at PatientPop offers hands-on experiences in the tech industry, as you learn the ins-and-outs of a SaaS business in a high-growth phase.

Some of our interns have been with us summer after summer, transitioning into fundamental members of our PatientPop family. I can speak to this myself, having interned during my senior year at USC and taking a full-time position upon graduation. By the time my internship was over, I had gained professional experience that went far beyond the title of “Intern.”

The PatientPop Internship Program

Two of our former Marketing interns, Riley Lico and Meghan Lumsden, have shared similar sentiments about their experience. Both held their internships at PatientPop past just one summer — Riley for 18 months and Meghan for one year — and wrapped up as they graduated from UCLA this spring.

“There is no other time in your life where you are able to try out so many different things and have the opportunity to learn like you do in an internship. PatientPop especially has been a distinct example of this. The experiences I’ve had here have definitely shaped my career goals and prepared me for life after college.”

Meghan Lumsden, Marketing Intern

Work Experience

PatientPop interns aren’t making coffee runs. They’re making a real difference within the company. An internship here gives the sense of being a real employee, as someone who will be given actionable tasks and responsibilities.

Meghan says she’s always been given meaningful assignments that strengthened and expanded her skill sets. Within her specific position, this has involved projects such as creating a corporate social media strategy, writing blog posts, and managing libraries of marketing assets.

Meghan’s desk in the Marketing section of the office, fully equipped with all the technology and tools she needed.

At a growing company, an internship can also be quite dynamic. For Riley, she was able to seek changes in her position to gain a greater sense of where she wanted to take her career. “I’ve been able to expand my role in such a way that I’ve had experience with every part of marketing,” she says.

While interns at PatientPop are very integrated in their work, they also have the option to take part in team and company activities. For example, Meghan recalls how after the first day of her internship she headed down to the beach with our PatientPop volleyball team that competes in the Silicon Beach Sports League.

“I remember thinking, ‘What could be more Santa Monica-startup lifestyle than this?’” Meghan says. “But I also left with a feeling that set the tone for my internship — that this was an environment where everyone, regardless of their title, can make the most of their experience.”

Throughout the work week, there are always new ways to get involved through events such as lunch and learn sessions, hackathons, and offsites.

And every month, we holds an All Hands meeting where executive leaders share updates from their respective departments. For interns in attendance, this gives a glimpse of our business goals and achievements, which can be especially exciting at a company growing as rapidly as PatientPop.

You can see our team’s growth over the years and how we kicked off 2018 here!

Our last All Hands was followed by a luau in the office!

Professional Development

Unique to the PatientPop internship program is the genuine investment in our interns, beyond our goals as a company. While we would love to keep all of our interns long-term, PatientPop also makes sure they are being prepared to take their careers elsewhere after their internship ends.

Throughout her internship, Riley received mentoring, mock interview practice, and help with her resume — all instrumental to her professional development. “I truly believe that my experience here has been a crucial part of my education,” she says. “I would not feel nearly as prepared to enter the workforce as I do now.”

PatientPop is proud to offer such a distinct and valuable program for our interns. Throughout the internship experience, interns have the opportunity to grow with us as a company. And they will continue to grow long after, with firsthand knowledge they’ll take with them into their next role.

If you are interested in technology and eager to learn from a fast-paced startup in the heart of Silicon Beach, a PatientPop internship could be a great fit! Check out our Careers page for open opportunities.

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