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Grace Reingruber

Latinx Heritage Month

Latinx Heritage Month runs from September 15 – October 15. It’s an impactful time to reflect on the contributions of Latinx members to our country, and learn more about the diversity of experiences and cultures that make up the Latinx region. From Colombia to Mexico to Venezuela and more, this month celebrates the beautifully rich cultures and countless contributions from Latinx communities around the globe.

Diversity creates immense value within our society and business, and we are grateful for the contributions our Latinx employees make to PatientPop. As we near the end of Latinx Heritage Month, we’d like to introduce some incredible Latino/a/x employees at PatientPop who highlight what their heritage means to them.

What does Latinx Heritage Month mean to you personally and how do you celebrate?

“[This month means] remembering my family members who have passed and honoring their stories and memories. It is also a reminder to support Hispanic/Latinx businesses at this time and to recognize how crucial Hispanic and Latinx people are to our culture and day-to-day lives in the U.S. One of my favorite ways to celebrate this time is to cook the dishes my mom and her mom cooked years ago. My mom’s enchiladas are well-known in my hometown and I think food can really take you back to a certain time and place that you want to remember.”
-Grace Rudy; Digital Marketing Specialist; (Mexico/Spain)

“As the child of immigrants, it has always been important to me to embrace my family’s culture and history. Latinx Heritage Month gives me the opportunity to pass on that history to my own kids while also embracing the cultures in the US. Food and literature have always been a great way to learn about and discuss different cultures in my home. That is no different during this month, focusing on meals and stories that have special meaning to me. I try to pass on the stories and tales that my grandparents told me when I was growing up. I also try to recreate the dishes my grandmothers made.”
-Cesar Covarrubias; Senior Devops Engineer; (Mexico)

“Latinx Heritage Month means celebrating the depth of cultural diversity in the Latinx community. I celebrate by listening to Latino music. I also observe the tradition of eating pupusas. They are a delicious cultural dish.”
-Javier Miranda; Tier 2 Customer Support; (El Salvador)

“This time represents a combination of celebrating culture and learning about the very diverse histories, food, and art. Usually, I attend festivals to partake in the music, food and presentations. But this year, due to COVID-19, I am laying low and celebrating at home.”
-Maria Mendoza; Design Team Lead; (Colombia/Spain/Mexico)

“Latinx Heritage Month provides a chance to celebrate all the success we have had as a cultural community thus far. I celebrate during this time by spending time with family.”
-Christian Alvarado; IT Manager; (El Salvador/Venezuela/Spain)

“To me, it is a month to celebrate all the accomplishments and contributions Latinxs have made, and to really highlight the vibrant colors and diversity of the community. I celebrate not only during Latinx Heritage Month, but throughout the year by keeping family traditions and learning more about my culture and other Latin American countries. One tradition I observe with my family is Día de Muertos.”
-Omar Nicanor; Customer Support; (Mexico)

“I am proud to be Mexican-American as my mom’s side of the family immigrated to the US from Mexico, while my dad’s side of the family has a long and unique history within the state of New Mexico. I feel fortunate to have grown up with various cultural traditions that allow me to celebrate both heritages. This time gives me an extra opportunity to connect even deeper with my family and friends. I’ve experienced special conversations where I’ve been able to share and compare our favorite and most memorable traditions growing up. Now that we’ve all grown into adulthood, it’s neat to hear which bits and pieces of those traditions we’ve held onto, ultimately creating our own personal traditions that we plan to carry into our own families someday. Aside from connecting with loved ones, this year I am also celebrating by taking the time to discover and support small Latinx businesses that are deeply involved in the community.”
-Marisa Duran; Sr. CQA Analyst; (Mexico)

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Grace Reingruber
Grace is the People Operations Coordinator at PatientPop. She is passionate about employee experience and making PatientPop a top place to work!

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