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What you can learn from these 5 healthcare provider Instagram stars

Instagram can be a key component to your practice’s marketing strategy: the visual medium is the perfect channel for building a personal brand.

healthcare influencers on Instagram

By now you’ve heard of the visual-based social media platform with over 600 million active users, but are you aware that it can be used for more than just selfies and dog pictures? Instagram can be a key component to your practice’s marketing strategy: the totally visual medium is the perfect channel for healthcare before and afters, surgical procedures, and building a personal brand.

These five healthcare Instagram stars are blazing the way for medical and dental providers to add IG (as its often called) to their social media strategy. Even if you don’t have the time to become a top Instagram influencer you can still get some great ideas for connecting with current and prospective clients. Check them out:

Doctor Mike @doctor.mike

Doctor.mike has a huge reach in the Instagram healthcare space with an incredible 2.3 million followers. The best thing about Dr. Mike’s account is that it shows he’s human. His images and videos are compelling and show scenes from work, speaking engagements, and his personal life. While not every doctor out there will want to share as much as Dr. Mike does, he gives a good example of how Instagram can build a name.

Dr. Mike Varshavski’s doctor.mike Instagram profile

Dr. Lara Devgan @nyplasticsurgeon

Dr. Devgan does an amazing job showcasing her work though before & after shots and even videos. Her frequent posts showcase all of her signature procedures and ensure prospective patients will be able to find real results for any procedure they may be considering. One other thing to take away from her profile — Dr. Devgan leaves her water mark on each Instagram post so it’s instantly recognizable as her own.

Myron Rolle – @myronlrolle

A former footballer-turned-doctor, Myron Rolle’s Instagram shows people who he is, from the charity he founded to fight childhood obesity to his journey of becoming a pediatric neurosurgeon. Dr. Rolle’s images show him with patients, in the surgical room, on the red carpet, and even with his mom.

Andrea Tooley – @adoctorinthehouse

Dr. Andrea Tooley is an ophthalmology resident at the Mayo Clinic who shares healthy eating options, family pictures, and how she studies for tests on her Instagram profile. She easily combines her passion for health and fitness, images that reveal her personality, and snapshots of everyday life to depict what her world is like.

Dr. Simon Ourian @simonourianmd1

Dr. Simon Ourian is another prominent Instagram influencer with 1.5 million followers. He does a great job showcasing himself and his work through videos — both his own and from his happy patients. He even promotes live video sessions in which prospective patients can tune in and ask any questions they may have about cosmetic surgery or his background! Dr. Ourian’s Instagram really lets patients get to know who he is both as a doctor and a person.

From their visual layouts to subject matter to captions, these five healthcare Instagrammers provide excellent examples for keeping IG professional and visually compelling. Try out different styles to find the one that’s right for you and let engagement numbers tell you what’s working. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

If you aren’t sure where to begin, check out our Instagram 101 for Healthcare Providers article here.

And don’t think that Instagram isn’t for you, or that you won’t reap the benefits of these Instagram stars – these IG stats should convince you to give it a try!

Your Audience is Already There

Of the 80% of internet users in the US searching for healthcare information online, 74% of these are on social media sites like Instagram. So you don’t need to go looking for an audience, they are already there & waiting for you to join them!

Show Patients Your Personal Side

Prospects want to get to know their healthcare provider. Social media is a great opportunity for you to show your personality outside the office.

Run New Promotions

Are you running a sale on dental cleanings? Offering a new procedure? Post a photo of your newest promotion to introduce it to the public and spread awareness.

Connect with the Next Generation of Healthcare Consumers

The next generation communicates through social media and respects the opinions of influencers and their peers. When they start looking for their healthcare providers, they will be looking on their favorite platforms.

Other Providers Are Already Doing It

Your peers are already on Instagram, and staying relevant means staying current. It’s time to get started with Instagram for your medical practiceYou don’t want to fall behind!

For more information about why you should implement Instagram into your practice marketing strategy, download our informational one-sheeter here.

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