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Life of a PatientPop Customer Success Manager

The Customer Success Managers at PatientPop have a pivotal role in the success of our business. Their job is exactly what the title suggests: They are responsible for the short- and long- term success of our customers.

Customer Relationships

Once an account is “launched” by our Implementation Team, they are transferred to a CSM for the rest of their lifetime with PatientPop. CSMs are entirely responsible for the success and retention of these customers. They do this by nurturing relationships with each customer through proactive outreach and problem solving. CSMs serve as part consultant, part customer service, and part analyst to ensure that each of the customer needs are being met. CSMs are also tasked with continuously improving practice performance and offering additional ways to drive practice growth.

"Working with clients is rewarding because I have the full authority to make an impact on their web presence. It makes me feel accomplished when I help a business grow. They rely on PatientPop to succeed, and we actually partake in that - it feels amazing."

Nicole Stock, CSM

Training & Learning

The first two weeks on the job are dedicated to learning PatientPop from the inside out. With a combination of classroom learning and shadowing, new hires are immersed in all of the ways we help our customers thrive. Each CSM is also paired with a peer mentor who will serve as their go-to person for questions and getting them up to speed. It is extremely important that CSMs are building a strong foundation of company and product knowledge before taking on any customers. Once they have finished the initial training period, CSMs begin to transition into a full account portfolio.

The learning opportunities don’t just end after training, either. The CSM role is continuously evolving as our company grows and develops our product. In order to ensure CSMs are truly expert consultants to their customers, they are always learning about our newest features and product updates.

Career Growth

As the customer success department continues to grow, so do the opportunities for continued development. We have successful CSMs that have moved into senior or enterprise roles, which involve bigger projects and the chance to work with some of our channel partners. We also have multiple opportunities for management, such as a Team Lead or CSM Manager role, which are open for more experienced team members to begin their career in leadership.

"I have grown a lot as a CSM thanks to the guidance and support of my leadership team. As a department we are growing every day and there is more and more opportunity. I am looking forward to offering that same guidance and support to my team that was afforded to me."

Sam Anker, one of our new CSM Team Leads


While CSMs have their own individual goals, they are very team-oriented. They operate with a “we” mentality and each person is always willing to help out a team member. Plus, they have fun together outside of the office too!

“As a CSM, we hold the responsibility of keeping our doctors happy and satisfied with our platform which means getting to work with not only our (consistently growing) team, but also with all other departments. It’s awesome having the chance to collaborate with so many creative and hardworking individuals. There’s a great sense of camaraderie – we support each other, we learn from one another and we have fun in between.” – Liezle Lingasin, Sr. CSM

Are you the next CSM at PatientPop?

“If you truly enjoy building relationships with customers and are passionate about both people and businesses, CSM is the perfect role for you. We have the chance to build lasting, long-term relationships and are completely dedicated to our customers.” – Joe LaFleur, CSM Manager

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