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Life of a Sales Development Representative

The fastest growing team at PatientPop is our Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). They’re young, ambitious, and provide the horsepower at the top of our sales funnel.

Sales in Healthcare

If you ask anyone in the company who embodies the work hard/play hard ethic, they’ll likely agree it’s the SDRs. Somehow this team has mastered the art of having a lot of fun while still being an extremely productive sales team. They need to know the ins and outs of our product and how to sell to some of the most educated individuals in the workforce – doctors. 

“The best part about connecting with doctors daily is that it’s academically stimulating. We need to be an expert on our product but we also need to be knowledgeable about their practice and services.”

Erin S., Sales Development Representative

Training and Career Growth

The training for this role is intensive and thorough – preparing them for their current role and providing them an opportunity for career progression within the company.  The average time to promotion to senior SDR is 6 months. Top performers have been promoted to closing roles in 9 months. That opportunity is what motivates our SDRs to wake up every morning and give it their all.

"The thing that sets us apart from any other sales development program is that the management team is truly invested in our team. We’ll call shadow for 10+ hours a week so that we can coach our team members on an individual basis.”

Derek J., Director of Sales Development

The SDR team created a program called “Goal Boards,” to support the personal goals of each of the team members. Each SDR creates a goal board with their aspirations for the month/quarter and it goes on their desk. They hold meetings to talk about the goal boards and how they can support each other to reach them.

The “Pickle Pit”

The energy is certainly high in the “pickle pit” with music, chatter, and the signature bell ringing when an SDR schedules a demo. Btw, “pickle pit” is the (endearing?) name they’ve chosen for their collaborative and bustling corner of our open office.

“The energy is unlike any other workplace environment. Our managers are in it with us, coaching us live, and everyone roots each other on when we have our wins. – Liz, Sales Development Representative


The SDR team goes beyond coworker relationships and have a bond that more closely resembles a family. The group is strong because they have a foundation of friendship and respect for each other. They hang out on their breaks, after work, and on the weekends!

The Director of Sales Development, Andrew Weiss, created SDR Photo Friday as a fun way to get to know each other through funny throwback photos. Every Friday they pick a theme and share embarrassing photos relating to it within their messenger channel. The best themes so far have been bad haircuts, high school prom photos, and first day of school.

Are you the next SDR at PatientPop?

“This job takes hard work, but nothing worth having comes easy.  Our Mission statement is to help practices thrive, and that is what we do. Our internal vision, however, is to help our family thrive. PatientPop is family. Come see for yourself.” – Randy, Sales Development Representative

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