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Life of an Implementation Manager

Customer Impact

Implementation Managers at PatientPop are truly the face of the company. Once the customer joins our platform, the sales team makes the transition to a manager on the implementation team. The Implementation Managers, or “IMs”, serve as the single point of contact for customers to launch their accounts successfully.

Implementation Managers are trained experts in our product to ensure that customers are well-informed about our platform and how we can best tailor it to their specific practice. This is no easy feat, especially with our wide array of features – custom website and SEO, practice dashboard, online reputation management, social media, the list goes on. Our implementation managers act as the liaison between our doctors and our many internal teams so IMs work efficiently to provide the perfect onboarding experience.

“I love being a part of the process that helps to bring success and growth to our customers. Coming from a background in healthcare, it’s amazing to me to think about how many practices PatientPop has impacted. Being in the front lines of implementing that impact is extremely rewarding! Sometimes in my free time, I check on customers I’ve launched several months back and it’s amazing to see our team’s work pay off!” – Sami Nguyen, Implementation Manager

PatientPop Implementation Managers

While our implementation managers’ main focus is the customer, IMs also work across a number of internal teams. Once the initial onboarding is complete, PatientPop’s implementation managers are collaborating with many subgroups of our customer success department to ensure that everyone is doing their part. This is everything from working with our design team, digital marketing, social media, SEO and SEM teams, etc. 

“What I love most about being an Implementation Manager is being able to collaborate not only with the majority of the internal teams at PatientPop, but with our clients as well. This role is a great way to meet and work alongside awesome people, while building your professional skills at the same time.” – Yoojin Park (fun fact: she just won Best Implementation Manager of Q2!)

PatientPop Implementation Managers

Project Management

A successful implementation manager is an expert at project management. In addition to their time spent with customers, IMs are also involved in many of the conversations regarding our product and newest features. Since our implementation managers are interacting with doctors during account set up, they have invaluable knowledge about how to improve our product.

“I’m passionate about learning about the product and seeing how it's advancing the healthcare system.”

Morgan Knight, Sr. Implementation Manager

Perks and Incentives

Along with our company perks, Implementation Managers are rewarded with various perks and incentives for reaching (or exceeding) their goals.

To reward hard work, there are always contests or incentives for reaching their goals. This can be anything from a pizza party for the entire team to individuals spinning a prize wheel (with cash prizes, free days off, and other fun rewards). For motivation, we have 70-inch screens hanging from the ceiling that show the team’s progress towards their monthly and quarterly key metrics. It’s a really fun and high-energy atmosphere when the team is working together to reach their goals.

PatientPop Implementation Managers


One of the best things about being an implementation manager is working alongside some of your closest friends! The implementation team is known for having fun together, even when the work is challenging.  Whether it’s heading to the beach after work,  a scavenger hunt across Santa Monica or an afternoon of rock climbing, our IMs are friends in and out of the office.

“The team dynamic in implementation is pretty great. Everyone has been very open to helping out whether it is a quick question or something that requires a little more “hands-on” help. It makes it that much easier to come into work everyday because the people that I work with are so willing to collaborate.” – Benji Woods, Implementation Manager

PatientPop Implementation Managers
PatientPop Implementation Managers
PatientPop Implementation Managers

Are you the next Implementation Manager at PatientPop?

“A great IM is an individual who is results-driven, detail-oriented, and effectively manages their time. IMs are passionate about helping customers and highly adaptable to a fast-paced environment.” – Andrea Weisz, Director of Onboarding

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