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Marketing a medical practice: Ideas to humanize your business online

Does your online medical marketing have a human feel? It should!

Female doctor marketing a medical practice

When patients need medical care, they look for a provider who makes them feel comfortable. Therefore, when marketing a medical practice online, you need to humanize your brand to put patients at ease and build trust.

In fact, a majority of people (81 percent) cite the ability to trust the brand to do what is right as a deciding factor in their buying decision, according to Edelman. And 62 percent of people will stay loyal to brands they’ve trusted for a long time.

Here’s a look at steps you can take to personalize your online medical marketing.

6 ways to humanize your medical practice

1. Share photos and videos on online listings

Patients want to visualize themselves receiving care at your practice. Make this easy by adding photos and videos to all your online listings — i.e. your healthcare website, social media pages, and online directories.

When done correctly, online marketing for doctors introduces your practice to patients and shows them what you’re all about. Clearly effective, 94 percent of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service, according to Wyzowl

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2. Include biographies on your healthcare website

When patients receive care at your practice, they put their health in your hands. People are not willing to give this responsibility to just anyone, so they want to be as informed as possible.

Writing thorough biographies of all providers and staff members makes it easy to introduce your team to prospective patients. In addition to pertinent education and professional experience, each biography should contain a few personal details to connect with patients on a deeper level.

3. Publish blog posts under staff names

No doubt, your physician online marketing strategy includes blogging. This is important, as marketers who make blogging a priority are 13 times more likely to see a positive return on investment (ROI), according to HubSpot.

Make blog posts even more personal by publishing them under the names of your staffers. This makes patients feel like they’re reading advice from a friend because they can put a face to the name.

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4. Converse with patients on social media

Nearly half of consumers (45 percent) have reached out to a brand on social media when they have a question or issue, according to Sprout Social. Even more telling, 88 percent of marketers believe customer service on social media is important to their brands.

Effectively marketing a medical practice on social media goes beyond simply posting content. Give your practice a voice by using your social media presence to communicate with patients.

Responding to comments and mentions will make patients feel valued while highlighting your practice personality. Plus, establishing a rapport with patients will enhance your relationship and increase loyalty.

5. Share patient success stories

Posting patient success stories on your website and social media pages offers several benefits. In addition to hearing satisfied patients sing your praises, it also gives you a chance to talk candidly with prospective patients.

If you appear alongside patients in these videos, you’ll be able to discuss key details specific to the person’s unique situation. This might include the reason you suggested the treatment performed, your relevant expertise, and your focus on patient wellbeing.

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6. Create video FAQs

No doubt, patients ask you many of the same questions every day. Use this as an opportunity to connect with them by creating short FAQ videos.

Most people (96 percent) say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service, according to Wyzowl. Therefore, this will likely be a popular feature on your website. 

Brief one-to-two minute FAQ videos will highlight your knowledge while making patients feel like you’re speaking directly to them. This can be more effective than a text-only FAQ section because it adds the personality needed to form a connection.

Marketing a medical practice is all about building trust with patients and making them feel comfortable. Healthcare can put people in a vulnerable place, so they want a provider who they can relate to.

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