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Webinars worth watching: PatientPop top 5 learning sessions from 2020

Want to get ahead of the game for 2021? Select from our most popular 2020 webinars, offering expert insights to help you connect with new and existing patients, online and in the office.

As the industry leader in practice growth, PatientPop works with thousands of independent healthcare practices to help them thrive. Our all-in-one technology platform equips practices to stand out in their market, offering patients the most in-demand conveniences — from easy online scheduling and appointment reminders via text message to feedback opportunities and regular email communication

Our experts in practice technology, patient experience, medical marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) understand the challenges and struggles independent practices face. They know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to growth strategy. 

As part of our commitment to practices, we regularly share that expertise in live learning sessions; in the past year, we hosted more than 20, covering everything from COVID-19 communications to ways to expand your brand. All of these webinars are available on-demand, making it easy to watch at your leisure.

While we’ve all had more than our fair share of Zoom calls and online modules in 2020, these five webinars proved to be the most popular. We believe you’ll find them worth your time.

Simply click on the webinar of your choice (or more than one) and get ready for some great tips to help improve your business as you start 2021.

7 ways to market your practice without breaking the bank

What you can learn: A variety of cost-effective tactics to promote your practice and your brand

Overview: For independent practices to thrive, growth is critical, however you may define it for your business. Yet, research shows that fewer than one in four practices say their practice has strong visibility in their market.

Without visibility, new patients are unlikely to find and connect with your practice. How can you improve awareness without spending more than you can afford? It requires a concerted marketing strategy designed to drive new patient acquisition — fortunately, there are plenty of effective healthcare marketing options that don’t require a huge investment. 

This learning session outlines seven top tactics that can provide strong ROI with a minimal investment. From updating your website and optimizing online profiles (e.g. Google My Business, WebMD, Facebook) to blogging and social media, our experts share the best first-line marketing actions to help you connect with prospective (and current) patients without breaking the bank. 

COVID-19 communications: 7 tips to keep patients calm and informed

What you can learn: Best practices for maintaining effective communication with patients in a pandemic world — or during any significant change

Overview: Communicating during a crisis isn’t easy. But it’s critical to keep an effective patient-provider relationship. Patients look to their healthcare providers for reassurance, guidance and accurate, credible information. 

This webinar outlines seven proven strategies to proactively keep the lines of communication open throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Considerations are many: the importance of establishing a crisis response team, communicating with staff, being transparent about what you know and don’t know, sharing credible and reputable information, touching base often, listening and responding to your patients’ concerns, and using multiple channels to reach both new and established patients.

While these tips are designed to help practices respond to COVID-19, they can be applied to virtually any crisis situation — making this a worthwhile watch for any member of the healthcare team as we enter 2021.

What patients want: The 2020 PatientPop patient perspective survey results

What you can learn: A greater understanding of patient habits and priorities when choosing a healthcare provider

Overview: Each year, PatientPop conducts a national patient survey to gain insights about healthcare preferences and activities across the patient experience. Our survey data gives us a better understanding of how patients learn about providers, which sources are most influential (spoiler: Google reviews), and how they use online reviews. We also identify patients’ preferences when seeing a doctor and what inspires them to switch doctors.  

The findings we share can help independent practitioners make important improvements to keep patients happy, and coming back for more appointments and services in the new year. For practices looking to make considerable strides in 2021, this invaluable information can help with patient acquisition, retention, and relationship management.

The 2020 guide to local search: Getting more patients to find your practice online

What you can learn: Best practices for rising to the top of online search results, driving patient acquisition in your local market

Overview: Independent practices can’t afford to miss out on potential patients in their immediate neighborhood. Without the right local search strategy, that’s the risk many face. Optimizing your search rankings requires a careful, expert strategy and the use of best practices in search engine optimization. 

Joel Headley, PatientPop director of local SEO and marketing, and one of the leading SEO minds in the nation, shares his expert advice in this oft-requested learning session.  Joel outlines the importance of local search for private healthcare practices, how to position your website for those searching online, why Google My Business is the most trusted in search, and how to climb to the top of Google search results.

With additional prescriptive advice on how — and why — to claim Google practice profiles, this webinar can help practices better connect with prospective patients who are looking for a new provider or checking out a referral.

Using Google My Business to connect with more patients

What you can learn: Why Google My Business is critical for patient acquisition, and how to use it to your advantage. Features step-by-step instructions on how to claim and optimize your free profile

Overview: With 74.5 percent of people looking online for healthcare, Google has become the most heavily relied-upon resource for patients looking for a provider. But how do you get found ahead of other local care options? When it comes to Google, there’s no way to “game” the system. You have to implement best practices, and invest the time and energy into overall web presence, to make sure your website and online profiles answer prospective patients’ questions and match their search terms. 

This starts with your Google My Business profile. Patients are using the term “near me” in increasing numbers when looking for a provider, which can drive nearby prospective patients right to your door — only if you’ve taken the right steps in creating your Google business profile. 

In this webinar, PatientPop search experts who understand how Google works take you through each step of creating and crafting a top Google business profile. They also offer tips on how to elevate your market presence within Google results, the importance of being specific in your profile listing, and how your optimized profile will display in Google search results. 


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