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Grace Reingruber

Mentor of the Quarter: Javier Miranda, customer support representative

Helping new employees feel welcome and supported right away is a priority for PatientPop. One way we do this is through NEX (New Employee Experience), a three-day program for all new hires. Another way is through our Mentor program.

The PatientPop Mentor program pairs each new hire with a mentor from their department. The purpose of the program is to give new employees a go-to person to help them navigate their role and the company culture, while also giving exemplary employees the opportunity to hone their leadership skills.

Department leaders nominate mentors based on their job performance, leadership potential, and positive attitude. Many PatientPop mentors have been promoted to management roles, and many mentees strive for a mentor nomination so they may help shape new employees.

A few times per year, we award one mentor with the Mentor of the Quarter prize. This prize is especially meaningful because we select winners based on mentees’ feedback. This quarter, we’re proud to recognize Javier Miranda as the winner!

Javier has mentored six new hires since joining the program in Spring 2019. We caught up with him to ask about his experiences as a PatientPop mentor. Read on for more!

Javier Miranda is a member of F.C. PatientPop, a soccer club.

When did you start working at PatientPop, and what is your role?

I have been with PatientPop since July 2018. I am a Tier 2 Customer Support Representative, which means I complete qualitative troubleshooting tasks for our customers. My goal is to set other teams up for success so that they, in turn, set our customers up for success.

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How do you define a PatientPop mentor?

A PatientPop mentor is an individual who strives to shape new team members so they can utilize all resources available to them. Mentors are individuals of a specific transcendence and inspiration that deliver a commitment to the overall success of all employees through consistency, day-in and day-out.

Who is your mentor?

I have many mentors in life but, at PatientPop, my go-to person is Adam Roberts, a senior customer support representative. Humility and gratitude are the greatest assets that Adam has brought to my scope of seeing things.

What do you enjoy most about being a mentor?

I enjoy having the opportunity to advocate for the company’s ultimate success.

What advice do you typically give to your new-hire mentees?

The best advice I give them is to build a level of familiarity and trust with their peers and leaders.

What is your favorite memory as a mentor?

My favorite memory as a mentor is greeting one of my recent mentees, An Pham. An and I share an excitement about the PatientPop solution and services we offer. Together, we adhere to the mission, vision, and corporate culture/structure.

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Grace Reingruber
Grace is the People Operations Coordinator at PatientPop. She is passionate about employee experience and making PatientPop a top place to work!

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