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7 National Dentists Day marketing ideas to boost appointments

Persuade prospective and current patients to schedule appointments with these dental marketing ideas.

Dentist implements dental marketing ideas

National Dentists Day is celebrated annually on March 6. The holiday gives patients the chance to express gratitude to the professionals who help maintain their oral health including dental surgeons, orthodontists, periodontists, pediatric dentists, prosthodontists, dental assistants, dental technicians, and dental hygienists.

For dental professionals, National Dentists Day is an opportunity to drive more appointments. Here, we share several dental marketing ideas to bring prospective and current patients into your practice.

Dental marketing ideas to boost appointments

1. Thank your patients

On National Dentists Day, thank your patients for trusting you with their smiles. It’s important to take advantage of opportunities like this in order to remain top-of-mind and encourage strong patient retention.

Show your gratitude to patients by sending them a thank you email, sharing a social media post, or even thanking your patients in person on March 6.

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2. Urge patients to commit to better oral health

When it comes to holidays like National Dentists Day, many patients’ natural inclination is to send cards, flowers, and small trinkets. But what most dental professionals really want is a commitment to better oral health.

Use the time leading up to National Dentists Day to encourage patients to promise to take the best possible care of their teeth and gums. For example, you could: 

  • Have them sign a pledge to brush and floss every day
  • Encourage them to book their next dental cleaning, if they have not already
  • Remind them to limit food and beverages that stain teeth

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3. Share what inspired you to become a dentist

It’s not every day you get to talk with patients about your career choice. In anticipation of National Dentists Day, film a video detailing what inspired you to become a dentist. This will give current patients the chance to know you on a more personal level and better understand your professional passion.

Video also gives you the ability to showcase your personality to prospective patients who haven’t met you yet. According to Statista, 85 percent of internet users watch online video content, making video a great medium to reach new patients.

4. Publish a National Dentists Day blog post

A smart dental marketing strategy is to use timely events like national holidays to drive traffic to your website. Writing a blog post about National Dentists Day increases your chances of appearing in search results when people Google the term.

In your blog post, explain what National Dentists Day is and ways patients can acknowledge their dental care team. Take it a step further by sharing your blog post on social media or by including it in an email to current patients. Emailing patients is a great dental marketing idea because 59 percent of people say they prefer email communications from brands above any other channel, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

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5. Offer a National Dentists Day discount

Offering a discount is always a good way to inspire patients to schedule appointments. Discounts are usually offered for a limited time, which creates a sense of urgency and gives people the extra push they need to take action.

On March 6, consider offering a discount on out-of-pocket services like teeth whitening for any patient who schedules their appointment on National Dentists Day. Make prospective and current patients aware of the offer by sharing it to social media. According to Sprout Social, more than one-third of people (37 percent) believe the most engaging content on social offers a discount.

6. Use the National Dentists Day hashtag

Social media is great for dental marketing because 72 percent of U.S. adults use at least one social media site, according to the Pew Research Center.

Leading up to and on National Dentists Day, share content on your social media channels and include the hashtag #NationalDentistsDay. Hashtags help get your content in front of more people. Make sure you also tag your location, so you can feel confident you’re reaching people in your local area.

A social media post can be as simple as a photo of you and your staff in the waiting room. This helps you show off your team and your office space. If your patients are active on social media, encourage them to use the National Dentists Day hashtag, too.

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7. Encourage patients to share positive feedback online

Having a strong online reputation helps attract new patients to your practice. In fact, 59 percent of patients say online reviews contribute to their decision in choosing a healthcare provider, and 70 percent of patients consider positive patient reviews to be very or extremely important, according to PatientPop.

On National Dentists Day, encourage your current patients to describe their positive experiences at your practice via an online review. According to PatientPop, patients are 22 percent more likely to submit an online review simply when asked, so don’t allow this great opportunity to build a positive online reputation pass you by.

National Dentists Day only comes around once a year, but the folks at PatientPop recognize the hard work dentists do year-round. From us to you, Happy National Dentists Day!

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