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Joel Headley

Google posts: Engage prospects directly in search results and Google maps

Google Posts enable you to share compelling content — including images and CTAs — directly in your search results and Google Maps profile.

We recently discussed new features in Google My Business, where Google Posts was an exciting development—because it allows third parties, like your practice, to submit short Posts to their local listings on Google. In response, we introduced PatientPop Google Posts to help our customers take advantage of this new feature; you can read more about it here.

Where Can You Find Google Posts?

Google Posts appear in your search results and under your profile in Google Maps. They’re set up within your Google My Business dashboard.

Each Post can be up to 300 words in length, and can include a photo, and a clickable call-to-action, such as ‘Book Now.’ Plus, you can publish up to 10 Posts in a scrolling carousel. Posts expire in seven days, unless you use PatientPop, which automatically renews them for you.

Dr. Tzur Gabi Google Posts

PatientPop customer Dr. Tzur Gabi features Google Posts below his search listing on both desktop and mobile platforms.

How Do Google Posts Benefit Your Practice?

Google Posts allow you to showcase dynamic, engaging content to prospective patients while they’re still searching for a provider. So, you can begin promoting your practice before someone even decides to visit your site. For instance, Google Posts can help you:

  • Create new ways for potential patients to interact with your practice, such as booking an appointment without even going to your website.
  • Take up valuable screen real estate in search results, making it less likely your competitors will show up before you. (Prospects have to scroll to find them.)
  • Deliver more relevancy signals to Google about important key terms used in your industry, which enhances your search engine optimization.
  • Help bring more patients to the front door of your practice!

PatientPop Customer Success with Google Posts

Working with PatientPop customers, we’ve seen that Google Posts increases search rankings, traffic, and conversions (appointments booked).

It’s clear that the content of a Google Post has a positive impact on search ranking and conversion rates for our customers. In one test we conducted, we saw a single practice site start ranking for 25 new terms in search with Google Posts. We also saw Posts improve the search ranking of six existing terms tracked during the test.

In another test with thousands of listings, where homepage links and appointment links are active, the Posts with a Book/Reserve call-to-action (CTA) brought incremental scheduling traffic to the site. This traffic drove a boost in booking conversions by 7.7% when compared to the weeks before we introduced Google Posts.

The Basics

Text: You can use up to 1500 characters. Only the first 75-100 characters appear on the Post before you need to click to see more details.

Image: These Should be square-cropped, with preferred dimensions of 750 x 750 pixels (minimum dimensions of 400 x 300 pixels).

Event: It’s best practice to Include an event title, a start and end date, and time.

Call-to-action: CTAs appear as links on a desktop or buttons on mobile devices that have a target URL. Only the following CTAs are available to choose from in Google My Business: Learn more, Reserve (desktop app only) or Book (mobile app only), Sign up, Buy, Get offer (desktop app only).

To Submit a Google Post

  1. Sign in to Google My Business, select the Create Post button or go to the Posts section to get started.
  2. Work with a platform that’s integrated to create and regularly add posts to your listing, like PatientPop.

Whether you’re creating Posts one at a time through Google My Business, or using PatientPop to automatically create them, our tests show Posts increase your search ranking and give patients an easy way to book without even visiting your website.

Google Posts can help you drive more traffic, more conversions, and ultimately more patients to your door.

To learn more about PatientPop and Google Posts, contact [email protected]. If you’re already a PatientPop customer, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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Joel Headley
Joel Headley is Director of Local Search and Marketing at PatientPop, the market leader in healthcare practice growth. With a decade of experience at Google, Joel is an expert in optimizing websites for search and has a deep understanding of how doctors are found and assessed online.

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