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What is PatientPop EMR integration?

EMR integrated solutions can bring automation to your practice.

Doctor enjoys benefits of PatientPop EMR integration

Almost 80 percent of physicians are using a certified EHR/EMR system, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. EMRs help enhance the security of patient data and were developed to modernize and bring about efficiency in the healthcare industry. For many providers, however, they’ve been somewhat difficult to use. According to The Harris Poll, seven out of 10 primary care physicians agree that EMRs greatly contribute to physician burnout.

PatientPop was designed to help you get more out of your EMR via an EMR integration. Read on to understand what a PatientPop EMR integration is and how it can help increase efficiency at your practice.

What is EMR integration?

An integration establishes a connection between two software systems; the connection enables the technology to communicate and work together. This can help increase productivity and efficiency at your practice.

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If software supports an EMR integration, that means it connects with your electronic medical record system or practice management system (PMS). PatientPop integrates with more than 60 EMRs and PMSs to deliver greater patient connection and efficiency for customers by automating some key aspects of our solution.

A practice can experience several benefits from a PatientPop EMR integration, depending on the type of EMR or PMS it uses. For one, a PatientPop EMR integration can help facilitate patient scheduling. When integrated, the PatientPop scheduling tool can reflect a practice’s real-time availability because it can see into the practice’s schedule in the EMR or PMS.

An EMR integration also allows PatientPop to see who has visited your practice, which allows it to send automated patient satisfaction surveys to all patients following an appointment. Another benefit is that PatientPop can send appointment reminders to all patients regardless of their booking methods.

What EMR integrations does PatientPop support?

PatientPop can integrate with the most widely used EMRs in the healthcare and dental markets and continuously works to offer more integrations. Our EMR integrations include companies that we partner with as well as systems that are widely-used among physicians and dentists. This includes athenahealth, AdvancedMD, and Dentrix. In fact, PatientPop can integrate with 90 percent of the dental market.

What are the benefits of EMR integration for patients?

According to Intuit, 81 percent of patients say they would schedule their own appointment using a secure web service. By enabling an EMR integration with your online scheduling tool, patients can have a real-time look into your practice schedule and ensure the appointment they want is the one they receive.

EMR integration also makes it easier for patients to stay connected with your practice. With PatientPop, patients receive reminders by email, text, or both to tell them that they have an upcoming appointment. This offers convenience for patients because they have pertinent information at their fingertips and do not have to be available for a call.

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What are the benefits of EMR integration for healthcare practices?

EMR integration means less work for practices. Because patients can see appointment availability in real time, there’s no need for someone at your practice to manually action the request. As some patients may call or schedule an appointment in person, it also means that a member of your staff would no longer have to update your online booking tool with the latest availability.

Because all patients are receiving appointment reminders asking them to confirm their time and date, this also saves a phone call for you or your front desk. This can make a significant difference as about one-third of healthcare practices (32.6 percent) say they spend more than 10 hours a week on returning patient emails or phone calls, according to PatientPop. This also helps practices reduce the number of no-shows.

According to PatientPop, about 58 percent of practices say they actively request feedback from their patients. If you’re manually sending emails to your patients or verbally asking them for feedback, an EMR integration can automate that task for you as well. Not only will that reduce workload, but this can help boost a practice’s online reputation.

For example, PatientPop sends patient satisfaction surveys on behalf of the practice to all patients who request appointments online via the practice website. With an EMR integration, feedback requests are sent to all patients, even those who booked over the phone and in person. The more surveys sent, the more feedback you are likely to receive.

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PatientPop helps practices like yours attract and retain current patients with an expanded web presence, an improved online reputation, and front office automation. PatientPop was designed to integrate with EMRs allowing for all of your technology systems to work better together. For more information about EMR integration, listen to “Understanding PatientPop integration,” an episode of The Practice Growth Podcast.

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