PatientPop expands all-in-one practice growth solution to bring practices greater opportunities and insight

Busy providers now get two-way secure text messaging, patient invoicing, enhanced appointment scheduling, digital intake forms, and a mobile app

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Since 2014, PatientPop has been providing medical and dental practices with the technology and insights to attract, engage, and retain more patients, with far less work. Today, we announced a series of new features available to practices, the latest result of our focus on continuous innovation for providers. 

This expansion of our all-in-one practice growth platform helps doctors and staff more easily connect with patients, drive patient engagement and retention, and track the progress of practice business performance. As with our recent merger with industry leader, Kareo, this is a clear example of our ongoing commitment to the success of healthcare practices. 

In our 2021 patient survey report, patients clearly stated their preference for digital experiences with practices. The scope of the patient experience today must include delivering that digital convenience and access. Our new features help practices meet that demand, further enhancing every step of the patient experience outside the exam room, giving patients reasons to select and stick with practices. 

What's new

PatientPop Connect

PatientPop Connect brings secure text messaging to healthcare practices to generate new patient appointments, reduce the burden of busy phone lines, and simplify communication between the patient and provider. 

Patients showed a strong preference for text messaging in the PatientPop patient perspective survey. Two-thirds of patients (66 percent) prefer to receive appointment reminders via text, and 59 percent would also like text message reminders to book their next appointment. 

In addition, more than one in four patients said they prefer text messaging when receiving their provider’s response to questions or feedback. This is in line with other preferred communication options for communicating with their doctor, such as phone (22.1 percent), email (26.9 percent), and via online portal (23.5 percent). 

PatientPop Connect offers text messaging in three distinct ways:

  • Web-to-text – Patients who visit a PatientPop practice website are now prompted to fill out a form to receive a text message from the practice. Patients who prefer text messaging immediately see it’s an option at the practice. Additionally, patients will now have a quick and convenient way to communicate with the practice – beyond business hours, also improving website conversion for the practice. 
  • Call-to-text – Patients who call the practice will receive a prompt to send the practice a text message if they prefer. This helps clear busy phone lines and reduces the number of calls staff have to answer.
  • Secure two-way text messaging – Providers and practice staff can exchange text messages with patients directly from the HIPAA-compliant PatientPop practice growth platform. Because there’s no need to switch to another tool or device, providers save time and can boost patient engagement. 

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PatientPop Mobile App

Today, an essential part of managing a practice is giving patients more opportunities to connect with you. But healthcare providers have extremely busy schedules, and can often miss an appointment request or a new patient review. The PatientPop mobile app helps providers streamline their day-to-day operations by bringing key elements of practice management right to a doctor’s mobile device. 

From within the app, providers can see their patient schedule for the day, quickly confirm or reschedule an appointment, and even respond to a text message or new patient review. 

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Patient payments

To help practices expedite patient collections, we’ve integrated online patient payments into our all-in-one practice growth platform. Now, PatientPop practices can easily create and send digital invoices and receive patient payments online. Patients receive their invoice via email or text message, and pay immediately (and securely), without having to log in anywhere or create an account. 

Digital patient payments make it easier for the practice to collect payment, speeding up the time  it takes for the practice to send the bill and for the patient to pay it. For the PatientPop practice, this means getting paid sooner and simpler payment workflows without having to juggle another invoice processing vendor. 

It also taps into patient preferences for payment. In a PatientPop survey, more than half of patients said they preferred a digital option for paying their bill.

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Enhanced appointment scheduling

Online appointment scheduling has long been a feature of the PatientPop platform, satisfying patient demand and reducing work for practice staff. According to Experian Health, 73 percent of patients prefer to schedule appointments online. 

Now practices have more flexibility with their online booking calendars and can customize their settings to suit their needs. Practices can choose from custom time blocks for different appointment types based on their specialty, and have more control of schedules for multiple providers, locations, and appointment reasons.

Patient intake forms

The volume of paperwork at any practice front desk can be overwhelming, so we want to continue helping practices ditch the clipboard. By bringing registration and patient intake forms online, PatientPop practices can simplify and shorten the check-in process. Create new online forms from scratch, associate them with a patient type or visit reason, and easily embed them in their practice website.

After a patient books an appointment online, PatientPop automatically sends out a link to the practice’s forms as part of the appointment reminder. Patients can complete the forms at their convenience from any device, well in advance of their visit. In addition to automating tasks for staff and helping to reduce time spent in the waiting room, digital intake responds to patient preferences. According to a PatientPop survey, 62.4 percent of patients said they want online access to complete their registration and fill out forms.


At PatientPop, we are always evolving our platform to provide practices with the tools they need to be successful. We are continuously identifying ways to make things easier on practices and to help them stay nimble regardless of market and industry conditions. We’re happy to bring these features to our practices – with more to come in the future – to ensure they continue to thrive.

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