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Grace Reingruber

PatientPop is taking the time to recharge

Recharge Days

Each quarter, PatientPop focuses on a spotlight goal that all employees rally around to achieve.


This quarter, our spotlight is on our people, and making our company a great place to work. 


With everything happening in the world now, there is no better time to ensure that our executive, leadership, and employee teams not only create a great place to work, but take time to recharge. As a result, we’ve put PatientPop Recharge Days in place. 


The entire company took our first recharge day on Friday, September 4th, and have another scheduled on Friday, October 2nd. 


Many companies and employees are struggling to prevent burnout in the workplace in these unprecedented times. 


Across the country, what started as a short term leave from office due to pandemic conditions has transformed into a large-scale workforce transition. Zoom fatigue and burnout has hit an all-time high, as many now in front of a computer all day.


As Victoria Rasmussen, PatientPop Senior Technical Recruiter, put it, “It’s hard to take a break when the line blurs between personal and professional life because we are all working from home.”


Victoria says it’s challenging to step away while there’s more work to be done, so she appreciates working for a company that acknowledges the importance of mental health. 


Samara Reed, the lead of Pop Together, the wellness resource group at PatientPop, finds it encouraging to see the importance of mental health acknowledged by the company. 


“Providing employees with recharge days shows that our leadership team recognizes the value of a healthy team, and that mental health is important in the workplace.”


We look forward to hearing how employees spend their time off and away from their computers!

PatientPop Recharge Days

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Grace Reingruber
Grace is the People Operations Coordinator at PatientPop. She is passionate about employee experience and making PatientPop a top place to work!

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