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PatientPop now supports voice search

Patients can use voice search to receive up-to-date information about your practice.

patientpop supports voice search on amazon alexa devices

Amazon introduced its first Alexa-enabled device less than four years ago. As of January 2018, one in six American adults (16 percent) owns a smart speaker, according to surveys from NPR and Edison Research. That puts smart speaker adoption on a similar pace as the rapid adoption of smartphones about a decade ago.

The rise in voice search using smart speakers greatly affects local businesses, including independent healthcare practices, because more patients are searching for information using voice search. As major companies like Amazon continue to develop technologies to make voice assistants even smarter, it’s expected that more patients will use voice search to find quality care.

At PatientPop, we promise to monitor emerging trends and to continually innovate our practice growth solution so healthcare practices can succeed. That’s why we’re pleased to share PatientPop now supports voice search on Amazon Alexa devices.*

Patients using Alexa-enabled devices can use voice search to receive the most up-to-date information about your practice, including contact information, hours of operation, locations, and more. For example, a patient can ask Alexa, “What is the address of [your practice name]?”, or “What’s the phone number for [your practice name]?”

PatientPop already provides accurate business information to the most widely used digital business and healthcare directories on behalf of our customers. And unlike other medical website or medical marketing companies, PatientPop uses structured data (also commonly known as schema) to create sites that search engines can easily understand. Now thanks to our continuous innovation, voice-powered services receive all the important information about your practice, too.

PatientPop customers reap the benefit of this new offering immediately without any action required. If you are not currently a customer and would like to learn more about how PatientPop can benefit your healthcare practice, contact [email protected].

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*PatientPop is pleased to support voice search through a strategic business partnership.

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