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Rose Chute

"All in" for casino night

Bringing everyone together for casino games, food, and drinks is the perfect way to de-stress and have fun with your coworkers.

PatientPop hosted a 1920’s Casino Night in the office for our quarterly big event. We knew that bringing everyone together with casino games, food, and drinks would be the perfect way to de-stress and have fun with our coworkers. We had full-sized playing tables including; texas hold ‘em, roulette, craps and blackjack. To run the tables, we hired professional dealers and decked out the office to resemble a casino during the roaring 20s.

Embracing the Theme

Employees dressed up to the theme and we held a costume contest for best dressed individual and best dressed team. The office was buzzing all week with outfit ideas and people forming teams to dress up. Since we have a casual dress code at PatientPop, I could tell people were most excited about the opportunity to put on something fancy and step outside of the day-to-day for this event.

Kirsten H., winner of “Best Dressed Individual”

Barbershop Quartet, winners of “Best Dressed Team”

The night was a blast and everyone really enjoyed learning the different games and testing their luck without the risk of losing real money. It was especially cool to see people from different teams playing side-by-side and new employees getting to know everyone.

My favorite part of Casino night was when everyone from different teams crowded around the craps table and cheered for the roller!  Everyone was on fire that night!

David V., Web Administrator

Raffle Prizes

At the end of the night, we collected people’s chips in exchange for raffle tickets. We raffled off three grand prizes: Amazon Echo (2nd G), UE Wonderboom speaker, and wireless BeatsX earbuds.

The event was definitely a hit and we’ll be hosting one again in the near future. If you want to read about our other events this year – make sure to check out the rest of our articles on the blog!

Check out some more fun photos from Casino Night!

Rose Chute
Rose is the People Operations Generalist at PatientPop. She is responsible for supporting the employee lifecycle, including onboarding, development and operations. One of her favorite parts of the job is creating a great culture at PatientPop through events and company perks. Rose writes about life at the office, events, and overall company culture.