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Paige Kelloway

PatientPop partners with American Red Cross for Missing Maps Mapathon

Each year, disasters around the world kill, affect, and displace more than 200 million people. Many of the areas of the world where these disasters are common are literally “missing” from maps, so first responders are unable to locate and bring aid to the people who need help the most.

On February 28, PatientPop partnered with the American Red Cross to help map omitted areas by hosting a Missing Maps Mapathon. Not only was this the first time PatientPop participated in this type of event, it was also the first corporate-sponsored Mapathon in Los Angeles!

PatientPop and the American Red Cross: Giving back by giving blood

Missing Maps enlists remote volunteers — like the folks at PatientPop! — to track satellite imagery and add roads, buildings, rivers, and other physical landmarks using a data mapping platform called OpenStreetMap. Then, community volunteers on the ground confirm or add detail to the newly mapped areas.

Throughout the two-hour PatientPop Mapathon, our volunteers mapped hundreds of buildings across areas of Kenya. This specific project was to help the Red Cross in their Measles and Rubella initiative, which involves collecting data and administering vaccinations to eliminate the diseases.

“It was fascinating to learn about the value that the Missing Maps effort brings for emergency aid services and medical/vaccination efforts,” says Chelsea Yang, PatientPop Manager of Customer Success. “Given that we work in tech, it’s awesome to see technology be put to use for these sorts of initiatives, and it’s rewarding to be able to help people out so far away, simply from our laptops.”

Read more about the PatientPop philanthropy program in this blog post.

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Paige Kelloway
Paige is the People Operations Coordinator at PatientPop. She enjoys getting to be involved in all parts of the employee experience and making PatientPop a great place to work.