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Rose Chute

#SiliconBeachLife: Our Santa Monica

Our office is located in the heart of iconic Downtown Santa Monica, and there’s no doubt all of our employees live the Santa Monica lifestyle.

Our office is located in the heart of iconic Downtown Santa Monica, and there’s no doubt all of our employees live the Santa Monica lifestyle in one form or another. With the Pier, 3rd Street Promenade, Montana Ave, the beach, and the numerous award-winning restaurants and bars, there’s never a shortage of fun things to do. Read on for some of our favorite parts about living and working in the heart of this awesome city!

Living in One of the Top 10 Beach Cities in the World

The most obvious jumping-off point… Santa Monica’s Pacific Ocean setting helped it score a rank in National Geographic’s Top 10 Beach Cities in the World. Whether it’s a pickup game of beach volleyball after work, a mid-day break on our patio overlooking the ocean, or reading a book on the sand over the weekend, the beach is a huge part of the Santa Monica lifestyle.

S: Philip Gostelow, Aurora Photos

From Food Truck to Five-Star Restaurant: The FOOD

My personal favorite part about Santa Monica…the ever-growing number of amazing restaurants and food trucks serving every kind of food you can imagine. Have a craving for tacos? You bet Tocaya Organica or Blue Plate Taco has you covered. Have a sweet tooth? Creams & Dreams is right around the corner. And don’t even get me started on the number of options for sushi and poke. Sr. Content Marketing Manager Aylin Cook lives a short two blocks from the office, and loves going out to eat around Santa Monica with her dog and husband.

"I love Montana Avenue on the weekends for shopping, people watching, and R+D Kitchen."

Aylin Cook, Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Happy Hour(s)

In addition to the food, there is no shortage of spots to grab a drink around here. Bungalow, a popular Santa Monica destination, is just half a block from our office, and is an office favorite for happy hour.

"Being in the heart of downtown Santa Monica plays a huge role in our company culture. Our proximity to some of LA’s best restaurants and bars makes outings with coworkers easy and really fun– there’s always something going on."

Vince Velasco, Implementation Manager

Wednesdays at the Farmer’s Market

The Santa Monica Farmer’s Market has been around since 1981, and we’re lucky enough to have it right outside our office every Wednesday morning. Many of our employees are frequent shoppers: Marketing Coordinator Millie Domingo has a long-standing habit of picking up fresh flowers for her desk from her favorite stand each week.

It’s Not SoCal Without Surfing

The Southern California beach lifestyle wouldn’t be complete without surfing, and our Poppers are no exception. There’s even a PatientPop Slack channel dedicated to post-work surfing plans. Digital Marketing Associate Sander Beck is part of this group: “It’s great being close to the beach. There’s a regular group that surfs after work as often as we can. It’s really cool to have that option. I don’t always get to interact with people from other teams during work, so having surfing as a common interest helps me connect to other people in the office.” – Sander Beck, Digital Marketing Associate

The Outdoors Is Our Gym

With such nice weather, outdoor workouts are the way to go. Sr. Content Marketing Manager Aylin Cook spends her lunch break jogging the Santa Monica Stairs, located about a mile from our office.

S: Time Out

The Daily Commute

LA is well-known for an abundance of cars (and of course, its traffic!), but many of our employees prefer other methods of transportation when it comes to their daily commute. Some people even walk! This past May, many of our employees participated in Bike-to-Work Month, opting to leave their cars at home. Some of our Poppers already choose to ride bikes as their main form of transportation, but having extra people to ride with is always more fun! To see more photos from Bike-to-Work Month, check out this article written by Rose.

There’s no doubt the location of our headquarters is one of our favorite parts about our jobs. Sales Development Representative Randy Schoch, who moved to Santa Monica from Arizona this February, reflected on how lucky he feels:

"Last week I walked out the front door of the office and I see a family with a rental van looking at a map that they got at a gas station off of Wilshire. In that moment, I realized that I work in a place where people from all over the country, and even the world, wait their whole lives just to take a vacation here. And I am just going out for my lunch break. How fortunate am I??"

Randy Schoch, Sales Development Representative

Rose Chute
Rose is the People Operations Generalist at PatientPop. She is responsible for supporting the employee lifecycle, including onboarding, development and operations. One of her favorite parts of the job is creating a great culture at PatientPop through events and company perks. Rose writes about life at the office, events, and overall company culture.