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Rose Chute

PatientPop Launchella: Reinventing what EOQ crunch-time looks like

For PatientPop, end of the quarter is a time that we all give 110% to exceed our goals. While the office is abuzz the other 11 weeks of the quarter, it always feels like the final week goes into overdrive.

Whether it’s selling, launching sites, or ensuring our providers are taken care of (and of course all of the behind-the-scenes teams), everyone goes the extra mile that final week to take us across the finish line. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication individually, as well as support and encouragement across the company. This quarter, we wanted to create the most motivating environment possible with fun events and rewards throughout the week.

As we’re sure you guessed from the name, Launchella is based on the festivals of all festivals, Coachella. Similar to the anticipation and excitement surrounding Coachella, we wanted our employees to feel that same high energy each day.

Everyone works so hard all quarter, why not celebrate them during the final stretch in addition to when we reach our goals?

Launchella Lineup

Launchella Lineup


We kicked off the week with a bagel and pastry breakfast for the early risers ready to crush their goals. We catered from Panera (an office favorite) and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the carbo-load to start their day.

On Tuesday, we had a “make your own taco” bar for all employees at lunchtime. We had The Taco Guy catering set up a grill right on our patio and cook tacos to order.  Everyone was pumped to have our very own “Taco Tuesday” in the office.

Wednesday afternoon was made a bit sweeter with a frozen yogurt bar and specialty fro-yo cookie sandwiches. With the heat wave of summer, it was a much-appreciated way to cool down and power through the rest of the afternoon.

In addition to our usual catered lunch on Thursday, we took a quick mental break to do yoga led by Andrea, our Director of Onboarding Services. Everyone that attended the yoga session was entered into a raffle for a couple of $50 gift cards. It was a great way to de-stress as we headed towards the finish line.

Friday morning started with breakfast burrito catering, from the Oaxaca Truck. PatientPoppers are huge breakfast burrito fans and it was perfect to go along with our giant bucket of homemade salsa. (Yes, we have an employee that brings in gallons of his famous salsa every Friday…no matter how big we keep growing).

What an incredible way to get employees engaged and excited about ending the quarter. The smallest activities mean the most and really makes us feel appreciated within the organization. Rather than being nervous or worried about quarter end results, this method allows us to get enthusiastic about each day.

- Nicole Stock, Customer Success Manager

Launchella was a huge success and everyone really enjoyed themselves, not to mention we surpassed all of our company goals. Congratulations to all of our #PatientPopPeople on a great quarter! We had so much fun celebrating your hard work, we’re looking forward to next quarter.

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Rose Chute
Rose is the People Operations Generalist at PatientPop. She is responsible for supporting the employee lifecycle, including onboarding, development and operations. One of her favorite parts of the job is creating a great culture at PatientPop through events and company perks. Rose writes about life at the office, events, and overall company culture.