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Rose Chute

PatientPop Softball League

Meelad Mashaw is a Customer Success Manager at PatientPop. He enjoys delighting customers, playing sports, and blogging.

T.E.A.M.: Together, Everyone Achieves More

PatientPop softball brings teamwork out of the office and onto the field. This company sports league provides more than just a weekly dose of healthy fun!

T.E.A.M.: Together, Everyone Achieves More

One of the best ways to understand the meaning behind this expression is to grab a handful of your coworkers and compete in a co-ed sports league.

I can attest; I’ve been playing on company sports teams for a couple years. Playing sports is one of the best ways to get to know your colleagues outside of the office. Working together in a competitive environment helps foster a certain team spirit that can’t be developed by going to happy hour together.

That’s why when PatientPop offered us the opportunity to join a company sponsored team, I jumped on it. Sign me up!

Team PatientPop

Team PatientPop joined the local softball league about a month ago. It’s actually the second PatientPop sports team I’ve joined. The first was volleyball, you can read about our successes here.

Softball so far has been one of the most popular sports here at PatientPop. The games are less about the actual outcome (although winning is preferred), and more about the enjoyment of being outside, competing, and getting to know my colleagues outside the office. My favorite part is seeing a hardcore competitive spirit shine out of people I wouldn’t have expected from otherwise! Seeing your normally quiet colleague scream bloody murder about a bad call is a funny experience.

Strengthening Relationships

Not only that, but like most sports, playing softball helps build key teamwork and collaboration skills that carry over well to the office. For example, softball helps strengthen communication skills. Without communication, our team wouldn’t get very far. I’ve noticed now that when I work with the same colleagues on group projects, our discussions are a lot more clear and concise, just like in the game!

The best part is the feeling of encouragement and support from your teammates. It helps build confidence or a “winning attitude”. And that feeling of confidence lasts much longer than the game. I notice that after games, I continue to carry my “winning attitude” with me at work, which helps me handle stressful situations with more ease.

For these reasons, I recommend that every company gives their employees the opportunity to play sports together. Whether it’s softball, soccer, or dodgeball, ask your boss to sign the company up for a team so that you and your coworkers can get out, get fit, and get to know each other better. Tell your boss that an investment in the employee’s health and well-being will pay off!

About the Guest Author

Meelad Mashaw is a Customer Success Manager at PatientPop. He enjoys delighting customers, playing sports, and blogging.

Rose Chute
Rose is the People Operations Generalist at PatientPop. She is responsible for supporting the employee lifecycle, including onboarding, development and operations. One of her favorite parts of the job is creating a great culture at PatientPop through events and company perks. Rose writes about life at the office, events, and overall company culture.