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Paige Kelloway

PatientPop Leadership Bootcamp

Continuous learning and development for our employees is an extremely important part of our culture. We have PatientPopU, an orientation and training program for new hires, PatientPop Talks, a knowledge-sharing speaker series by and for all employees, and most recently, a “Customer Success Bootcamp” for managers.

Thirty of our Customer Success leaders – from first time managers to VP-level employees – recently attended the inaugural bootcamp. The idea for this event was sparked when Carla Nichols, our Sr. Vice President of Operations, wanted to create a forum for leadership development within the Customer Success department. As a company we value curiosity, tenacity and ownership, and this was a great opportunity for everyone to explore areas for career development and their individual aspirations.

“We promote and hire top talent into our management positions. The purpose of this bootcamp was to encourage them beyond their job learn from one another, to take charge of their career development.”

Carla Nichols, Sr. Vice President of Operations

The bootcamp dove into the ins and outs of our Customer Success functions through presentations from each team or department manager. Each leader shared the key metrics driving the department, their team structure, and how exactly the implementation of their team happens within a growing company. These presentations gave everyone more insight into how PatientPop works tenaciously to be a leader in the healthcare industry, and the value of customer success as a whole.

The presentations guided a lot of the discussion centered on the day’s theme of leadership development. The leaders felt comfortable opening up about their motivations in the workplace and what skills or areas of focus they’d like to continue developing. The group talked about different ways to develop their careers and learned to not be afraid of taking on new challenges.

“This event really showed PatientPop's commitment to employee growth. It was refreshing to hear and see the CS leadership team (and company) support so many of us by sharing how we can be successful in our careers.”

Gurdev Anand, Manager of Customer Success Product

PatientPop is a very fast-paced environment, so the chance to spend a day sharing perspectives and hear advice with different leaders was invaluable. There were many topics covered throughout the bootcamp, but all of the attendees walked away with the same feelings at the end of the day: a sense of purpose, connection, and personal commitment.

“It was really inspirational to hear my fellow leaders talk about the ups and down in their career and how they got where they are today. I got to hear from leaders who I aspire to be and learn about their challenges that I resonate with too. I feel a lot closer to each person that attended, and I know they are all going to be strong resources for me in the future.” – Ari Tabak, Director of Support

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Paige Kelloway
Paige is the People Operations Coordinator at PatientPop. She enjoys getting to be involved in all parts of the employee experience and making PatientPop a great place to work.