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PatientPop reviews: Phoenix Heart, cardiology

Phoenix Heart CEO Kyle Matthews, CMPE, and other practice representatives give their review of PatientPop, the leader in practice growth.

Thousands of healthcare, dental, and aesthetic service providers trust PatientPop to manage each step of practice growth, from the moment patients find them online to post-visit feedback. In this PatientPop review, we hear from customer Phoenix Heart. Watch the video for information about the practice, or look below for a transcript.

My favorite thing about PatientPop is that I feel like it’s an extension of our practice. You need a partner that you can trust is going to do everything in your best interest, and that’s what PatientPop provides.

Phoenix Heart now has six locations to serve our patients all across the Valley. For a practice like Phoenix Heart today, it’s very important to have a good presence online because most people, when they’re looking for any kind of service, the first thing they’re going to do is look online.

A lot of times specialists we really believe that digital marketing plays no role. What we are learning now is that we have to reach out to patients in new ways. We’re also seeing is that patients, when they get that referral, they want to know who they’re coming to, and so they are going to do some research on their own before they ever walk in the door.

Like most practices, Phoenix Heart had a website for a long time. It’s functionality, however, could be debated. When I first saw the website after PatientPop went live, I couldn’t believe it. They had taken everything that I envisioned in my mind actually made it happen, and I did not even think that was possible.

The new website is much easier for any patient to navigate through, and if they want information on any of the disorders that their doctor is treating them for, if they want to contact our office, or if they want to submit a review, it’s all right there on the website.

To be honest, it did not take very long at all for me to see that the SEO, the search engine optimization, was working. What patients have told us now is when they type in stuff like [heart doctor] or [cardiologist] that Phoenix Heart comes up as the number one entry on any type of web engine. That did not happen before.

I really like the patient feedback function. That’s probably one of my favorite parts of the website, to be honest. The fact that all of our patients get a survey as soon as they leave the office, and they can give us real immediate feedback has really helped us as a practice to grow and to change things to better serve our patients.

As an administrator, online scheduling scares me. It’s something that I’d never really thought that I wanted. And then when PatientPop went live, the way that they have the online scheduling tool and the request functionality, it actually is very seamless, and it’s very easy, and we’re actually seeing a lot of patients use it, and we’re very happy with the way that it works.

You know, with PatientPop, it’s not just a website; it’s a true relationship. It’s something that I can use to communicate with my patients to better inform my patients and to get feedback from my patients to better enhance our practice.

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