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PatientPop expands Universal Scheduling service

Patients can request or schedule appointments through a practice listing on 50+ search and business directory sites.

In 2016, we asked patients whether they’d prefer to schedule appointments with their healthcare providers online, and found that nearly half (42 percent) said they would. Other research indicates that number to be even higher; one survey found 81 percent of patients said they would schedule a doctor’s appointment online if they could.

PatientPop helps its customers satisfy patients’ growing desire to schedule online with the PatientPop online scheduling system, allowing patients to request or schedule appointments on practice websites. PatientPop also provides all customers with our Universal Scheduling service, which allows patients to request or schedule appointments directly from a practice’s Google My Business and Yelp listings.*

Today, we’re pleased to share that we have expanded our Universal Scheduling service to include 52 new search and business directory websites.** With this expansion, patients can request or schedule appointments with your practice on even more third-party sites — such as Yahoo, MapQuest, Citysearch, and many more — which could help your practice attract even more new patients.

For each of the 52 new sites, PatientPop has updated the featured message to display a call-to-action (CTA) “Book Online Now” or “Book Online Now with [your practice name].”*** Upon clicking the CTA, a patient is directed to your practice’s online scheduling system, where they will complete the usual steps to request or schedule their appointment.****

Patients browsing any of these 52 sites can book an appointment online from any device, 24/7. And, for practices with an integrated scheduling system, patients can view real-time availability.

PatientPop customers reap the benefit of expanded Universal Scheduling immediately without any action required. If you are not currently a customer and would like to learn more about how PatientPop can benefit your healthcare practice, contact

Additional recent PatientPop innovation: PatientPop now supports voice search

*Patients can also request or schedule appointments via a practice’s Facebook listing, if that practice has purchased a Social package.

**The expanded Universal Scheduling service is made possible through a strategic business partnership.

***CTA is dependent on practice name. Practice names with more than 29 characters will have the CTA “Book Online Now.”

****For PatientPop customers that do not have online scheduling enabled, the CTA will direct patients to your practice website’s contact page. Contact your customer success manager if you would like to have online scheduling enabled.

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