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5 questions physicians should ask when evaluating reputation management software

Ask these five questions when searching for reputation management software for your medical practice.

physician reputation management software

The internet, with its far-reaching capabilities, has magnified the need for physicians to manage their reputations. And when it comes to the internet, where there’s a need, there’s a software solution.

In the case of reputation management, there are many software solutions to choose from. But what makes a reputation management software a good fit for physicians and their medical practices? Here are five questions physicians should ask before choosing a reputation management software solution.

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1. Is this reputation management software HIPAA compliant?

Patient privacy is of utmost importance. The last thing physicians want to do when implementing reputation management tools is to violate the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which carries penalties like fines, sanctions, and even loss of license.

HIPAA compliance should be a non-negotiable feature of any reputation management software you are considering for your practice. The best online reputation management software takes special care to protect patient information and to ensure online activity is HIPAA compliant. Any software solutions without this feature should be immediately eliminated from consideration.

2. Will this software alert me to negative patient feedback so I can address it in a timely manner?

There isn’t a single medical practice that runs 100 percent error free all the time. And even when you and your staff provide all the right conditions for an excellent experience, there are other variables that can lead to an unhappy patient.

Quickly addressing negative feedback can help you mend your relationship with a dissatisfied patient before they leave your practice for good. For this reason, you want a reputation management solution that alerts you to negative feedback as quickly as you feel necessary.

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3. What performance metrics does this online reputation management software offer?

Many physicians have felt the pain of evasive service and software providers. You’ll want to know that your investment in reputation management is paying off, which is why you should look for a software solution that offers reputation insights and tracks performance.

A robust reporting feature will show you how many new reviews your practice is acquiring, the overall trajectory of your online reputation, and other metrics affected by reputation management such as rankings, website traffic, and new patient appointments.

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4. Will I receive ongoing support?

A software with comprehensive reporting and insights is great, but if the solution is missing access to designated representatives, you’ll be missing out on the value and agility that only human support can offer.

Be sure to ask if you will have a reliable point of contact watching over your account before selecting your reputation management software. At the very least, inquire with a sales representative about what your level of access to the support team will be and how soon you can expect a response should you ever encounter technical difficulties.

5. Does this reputation management software integrate with my EMR?

Though integration is not necessary to better manage your online reputation, reputation management software that can communicate with your EMR is ideal.

A physician reputation tool that integrates with your EMR can send feedback requests to your entire patient base regardless of their booking methods. This gives you more opportunities to collect feedback and boost your online reputation. Even better, integration offers a more streamlined scheduling experience for patients and staff.

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