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PatientPop President's Club 2018: Costa Rica!

PatientPop President's Club Trip is an annual getaway for top-performing salespeople and executives. In 2018, P-Club enjoyed a long weekend of adventure in Costa Rica.

Qualifying for the PatientPop President’s Club is more than just an award; it’s  the opportunity of a lifetime. That’s because President’s Club members, along with top company executives, receive an all-expenses-paid trip to some of the most amazing world destinations.

"President's Club is a huge incentive to work hard and be a top performer. It's a tremendous honor and accomplishment."

Liz Lee, Senior Marketing Development Representative

Qualifying for PatientPop President's Club

How do you qualify for PatientPop President’s Club? Members of the President’s Club (or P-Club, for short) earn their place because of exceptional sales performance throughout the year (i.e. consistently hitting quotas or earning top sales performer titles).

PatientPop Senior Marketing Development Representative Jeff Parker qualified when he earned the MDR of the Year award. “It was awesome to see all my hard work from last year pay off,” Parker says. “I couldn’t have done it without all the great support from both the sales and marketing teams.”

Among many things, the P-club and its annual trip provide the special opportunity to spend quality time with coworkers outside of work, while recognizing continual dedication to remarkable results.

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PatientPop President's Club 2018

In 2017, PatientPop P-Club journeyed to Havana, Cuba, where they explored the vibrant and bustling city — complete with rides in vintage 1950’s cars and a tour of a Cuban cigar factory. This year, P-Club members were whisked away on a three-day all-expenses-paid trip to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, a destination famous for its natural beauty both on land and sea as well as world-class amenities.

For many of the PatientPop President’s Club, this trip was the perfect chance for adventure or well-deserved relaxation. Members were given the option to indulge at a day spa, embark on an ATV trek, or zip-line across the rainforest. “We spent one of our days at a spa in the jungle; it doesn’t get any better than free food and massages,” says PatientPop Sales Development Representative Evie Farmer.

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Additionally, all P-Club members embarked on a private snorkeling trip and dinner cruise along the coast. “My favorite part of the trip would have to be the sail cruise,” Parker says. “I love sailing, I love the ocean, and I love being surrounded by positive, hilarious people.”

The President’s Club Trip is just one example of the many ways PatientPop shows appreciation for our sales team and their achievements. Every month, PatientPop enters all top sales performers into a raffle where the prize is a private plane trip, two nights at a high-end hotel, and $500 spending cash. Through this and other exciting programs, we work to reward our sales team for their extraordinary contributions to the company as a whole.

PatientPop is in search of aspiring and qualified sales professionals to join our team. See available positions on the PatientPop Careers page.

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