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Provider spotlight: Integrative women’s health practice earns top market reputation, adds new patients

Here’s how SWFL Integrative Medicine expanded their brand visibility and patient base, bringing their unique offerings to more women in the Fort Myers, Florida market.

When you offer a different approach to care, it comes with a difficult business challenge: Getting the attention of prospective patients and helping them understand what you do.

That was the case for SWFL Integrative Medicine, a three-provider practice that combines OB/GYN services and integrative care in Fort Myers, Florida. Their holistic view of a patient’s health blends mainstream medicine with nutrition, supplements, and a collaborative process between provider and patient.

The practice needed a way to explain and promote their services to a patient population probably not familiar with their treatment approach. In early 2020, they selected PatientPop to help.

“We have such a unique practice,” says Heather Auld, MD, owner of SWFL Integrative Medicine. “I have board certifications in OB/GYN and integrative medicine, and offer natural approaches to women’s health, including non-invasive anti-aging skin care for the whole body. PatientPop allows more people to understand our services.”

Heather Auld, MD; owner, SWFL Integrative Medicine

Winning over new patients online

To help spread the word to potential patients in the Fort Myers area, PatientPop helped build Dr. Auld’s overall online presence. Most notable is her practice’s now-steady collection of patient reviews, driven by PatientPop online reputation management and patient satisfaction surveys.

In seven months, SWFL Integrative increased their total number of online reviews fivefold (more than 200 reviews) and boosted their average star rating to an overall 4.8 out of 5. The improvement influences both new and current patients.

“We are thrilled that our patients have been very happy to post Google reviews,” says Dr. Auld. “New patients mention it all the time as a reason they booked with our clinic.”

Speaking of booking, patients can easily request appointments with Dr. Auld online, as part of the PatientPop platform. The online booking option is featured on the practice’s new website and dozens of listings sites that offer the functionality.

For practice staff, online scheduling is a streamlined, time-saving process due to the integration between PatientPop and DrChrono, the EMR system at SWFL Integrative. This kind of technology integration is imperative when bringing two solutions together, and is a guiding force for PatientPop.

How does integration simplify patient scheduling?

“Patients request appointments directly through our website with PatientPop and it easily appears on our schedule in DrChrono,” says Dr. Auld. “On our end, it’s just one click to confirm the appointment.”

Achieving high rankings in search results

Before a new patient books that appointment, whether it’s an in-person visit or telehealth, they need to find the practice online. For SWFL Integrative Medicine, more patients are now doing so via search results.

With PatientPop SEO expertise, the practice has seen significant success in local search result rankings, for both common and specialized keywords. That includes a 28-position improvement for “Fort Myers hormone replacement” and a leap of 37 positions for “gynecology Fort Myers FL.”

In Google local search, the practice has ranked either first or second for 40 different discovery terms, including “best gynecology Fort Myers.”

Addressing the entire patient experience

With a seamless EMR integration with DrChrono, PatientPop helps SWFL Integrative Medicine get found by women seeking top gynecological or naturopathic care. The all-in-one solution also brings ease and convenience to each touchpoint of the patient experience.

Dr. Auld’s assessment? “The service pays for itself and then some.”

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