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Q&A with a dermatology practice using PatientPop Pro

Dr. Kim Neyman of Elevation Dermatology shares her experience with using telehealth and other features of PatientPop Pro

PatientPop: Thank you Dr. Neyman for joining us today and talking about your experiences. So your practice uses telehealth and I’m wondering how that’s helped your practice during this time?

Kim Neyman, MD: We recently adopted your telemedicine platform which so far has been fantastic. It’s been very streamlined and to have a HIPAA compliant platform that’s easy to use I think people appreciate a lot. Because for now during the pandemic regulations from a HIPAA standpoint had relaxed but I think at some point we’re going to go back to requiring HIPPA compliant platforms. So ease of use I think is paramount because people are busy and they don’t need to have to fiddle with another complex platform as opposed to the ones that they already know.

PatientPop: Have you seen a mix of telehealth patients as well as in office now?

Kim Neyman, MD: We’re probably seeing maybe 20 to 25% telehealth and between 75 and 80% inpatient appointments at this point.

PatientPop: Do you plan to continue using telehealth?

Kim Neyman, MD: Yes I do feel like it’s a huge convenience for patients that they can basically visit their dermatologist from their own home or from their home office. And I think that people probably will grow accustomed to having that convenience. People are gonna probably gravitate towards that. It’ll be interesting to see how healthcare moves in the future but I don’t think that telemedicine is going away anytime soon.

PatientPop: What was the moment when you realized PatientPop was a good investment for your practice?

Kim Neyman, MD: I would say that probably by that first check in call around March it was evident that the number of patients who were contacting us had increased substantially that there was more traffic on the website that even from an SEO standpoint it appeared that we had increased in all of those measures. So it really seemed like that it was a great fit. And honestly after you guys had worked to revamp our website we actually got quite a few compliments on it. Just on how bright and user-friendly the website was and I think even pre-COVID people really rely on websites to sort of reflect what a business or a practice looks like and so I think that’s very important.

PatientPop: You’ve got a great reputation with an abundance of five star reviews and wondering how the patient feedback process has worked for you over the past few years?

Kim Neyman, MD: So in a lot of ways we’ve relied on PatientPop. People oftentimes don’t provide reviews unsolicited so I think that PatientPop has been a fantastic facilitator of those reviews and of getting the stars that I have. So I think in addition to hopefully having a great team and delivering good patient care that there’s a system in place where patients are prompted for reviews and I think that that makes a huge difference.

PatientPop: What would you tell another doctor looking to lead their market about PatientPop?

Dr. Kim Neyman: I have had nothing but good things to say about PatientPop. I think the customer service has been fantastic. You guys have been wonderful from a COVID support standpoint. And to be honest I think it’s very convenient to have all of these different platforms in one. Essentially to have reputation management, to have telehealth. It’s just nice to have everything centralized and to have such a responsive team on board with us.

PatientPop: This is really been a pleasure talking to you.

Dr. Kim Neyman: Of course great to see you guys.

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