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3 reasons one sales manager moved cross-country for PatientPop

Some people wait for opportunity to come knocking. PatientPop Manager of Inside Sales Max Weisenberg took control of his own professional destiny.

Max Weisenberg in PatientPop office

The following blog post is written by PatientPop Senior Recruiter Megan Johannes.

Have you ever considered relocating to advance your career? As a sales recruiter, I talk to people every day who are looking for a new challenge as well as a change of scenery.

PatientPop has many employees who have chosen to build their careers by relocating to our headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif., a city just west of Los Angeles. And they’re not alone. In fact, Los Angeles is ranked No. 4 on Glassdoor’s list of top cities for job seekers.

There’s a lot to love about the PatientPop location — we’re just a few blocks from the beach and are surrounded by dozens of shops and restaurants, after all. But in a sprawling metro area with endless opportunity, why would a sales professional choose PatientPop?

I spoke with Max Weisenberg, PatientPop manager of Inside Sales, to learn why he decided to relocate across the country to join our team.

Why Max Weisenberg moved from NY to LA for PatientPop

Weisenberg grew up in a beach town on Long Island, and worked in New York City after graduating from Bryant University in 2012. Before he worked for PatientPop, Weisenberg had never even visited Los Angeles, let alone considered living there.

“In New York, it started to feel like I was spending six months stuffed in a sweaty subway, and the other six treading through snow,” Weisenberg says. “I was ready for a change.”

Although he found the promise of sunny, warm weather enticing, Weisenberg had additional reasons for moving nearly 3,000 miles from his hometown.

1. Mentorship from great sales and company leaders

A colleague and close friend of Weisenberg’s had joined PatientPop several months prior to the time he began to weigh his career options. The friend enthusiastically discussed the achievements of the PatientPop leadership team, and their desire to mentor budding professionals.

In particular, Weisenberg was intrigued by the opportunity to learn from PatientPop Senior Vice President of Sales Justin Welsh, who had worked in the healthcare technology industry for many years. Weisenberg spoke with a then-colleague and mentor who had previously worked with Welsh.

“I had a long conversation with the person most responsible for my success in sales,” he says. “She backed Justin, and the decision became a no-brainer.”

Weisenberg says he was confident that joining PatientPop would open him to mentorship from great leaders like Welsh.

2. Opportunity to grow professionally

Prior to PatientPop, Weisenberg worked as a senior inside sales representative for a healthcare technology company headquartered on the East Coast. He quickly became one of the company’s top sales representatives, earning two invitations to their President’s Club trip during his tenure.

Weisenberg says he consistently exceeded his sales quota and was overall happy working for the company; however, he also felt his growth potential was limited because he was not among the company’s first 100 employees.

Weisenberg wanted to work for a company that offered him the opportunity to grow professionally, and found PatientPop. He joined the team in September 2016 as an inside sales representative.

In his first year, Weisenberg earned the coveted Co-Rep of the Year title, and was the top inside salesperson. The next year, Weisenberg attended our President’s Club trip. He was promoted to manager of sales development, a position he held for five months, and then again to manager of inside sales.

In his current position, Weisenberg manages a team of full-cycle sales representatives. The majority of his team is promoted from the sales development positions and have no prior experience working potential sales from beginning to end.

“My favorite part of this job is getting to develop individuals who’ve started entry level, doing strictly cold outreach, and worked extremely hard for a spot on my team,” Weisenberg says. “It makes my job fulfilling to see individuals who started at the bottom, right where I was. Now I’m in a position to help them grow their career.”

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3. Ability to help lessen pressing problems in healthcare

I ask everyone I interview, “What are the top three things you’re looking for in a new job?” A common answer I receive from sales reps is that they want to sell something they feel more connected to, passionate about, and something that’s actually making a difference in people’s lives. But finding this type of product or service is difficult for many sales reps.

Weisenberg had a nightmare experience while looking for an orthopedic surgeon after graduating from college. When he was able to carve out time for a six-month recovery, he started searching online.

“After sitting on hold for hours with my insurance company, I got a list of names and started dialing. I sat on hold some more only to find out practices were booked out months, or no longer taking my insurance,” Weisenberg says. “Eventually, I got an appointment with a doctor willing to operate. I thought I couldn’t be the only patient going through this.”

When Weisenberg learned about how PatientPop helps independent healthcare providers better market and manage their businesses as well as improve the overall patient journey, he knew he had found a solution he could feel connected to.

“I had sales jobs that lacked fulfillment in the past. But at PatientPop, I’m helping practices compete with declining reimbursements and larger groups swallowing them up, and also helping them provide a better patient experience. It’s truly unique,” Weisenberg says.

Are you ready to make a move for a new sales career? Check out available sales positions at PatientPop.

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