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Partnership Marketing: Gain Access to New Potential Patients

Want to boost your practice brand and gain access to potential patients? Try a win-win partnership with a relevant local business.

/ November 15, 2016
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Use These 7 Sales Principles to Build Stronger Patient Relationships

PatientPop's VP of Sales reveals 7 key sales techniques that will help you build stronger relationships with your patients and staff.

/ October 31, 2016

10 Festive Campaigns to Engage Your Patients this Holiday Season

The holidays can be a slow time at your practice, but these 10 festive holiday promotions will engage new and existing patients for a busy 2017.

/ October 31, 2016
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3 Tech Upgrades to Prioritize in Your Practice

Modernize the patient experience, increase efficiency, and stop leaking revenue with these three tech upgrades.

/ October 12, 2016
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What Your Patients Wish They Could Tell You

Building and maintaining a thriving practice starts with by making patients feel comfortable and welcomed at your practice. Here's what patients aren't telling you, but you should know to improve your practice's customer service.

/ August 10, 2016